Bumbling idiots..... RC & JW broadcast

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I do hope that despite all this negativity spread about the GB apparances on the world wide web in a regularly monthly fashion do not dampen their desire to keep on broad casting so as to show the world what a dispicable bunch they really are.

    I would so love to see a monthly meeting with the Governing Body denying all charges made by the child protection services of Australia, maybe rubber mouth Lett doing a xenophobic rant about us verses them/liar/world/Satan and what not.

    I think Loesch will be taking a very low profile in these meetings as will Jackson due to liability concerns and all, they will probably have not further word about anything sensitive until the heat blows over. AM#3 should be the next one called up to bat in my opinion.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I think it's an own goal in the UK. It was bad enough being reminded that it was essentially an American religion when we just had to listen to the audio of the drama at the district convention annually but now they're piping it into their homes every month?

    I can just imagine what my parents are thinking watching Lett gurning at them from the gogglebox sounding like Forrest Gump's poor relation 😂

  • GrreatTeacher

    Exactly as I was thinking.

    When the GB were basically unknown, you could assume they were competent...

    ...until they opened their mouths and proved that assumption unfounded.

    Maybe they might consider the value of staying out of the limelight again?

  • snare&racket

    There is no way I could be a JW now and not look at them and see the sham. It is so transparent.

    These are men then want to be adored. The followers want security, health, a nice home and may miss dead loved ones. The leaders simply promise it and the game begins.....

  • WTWizard

    They are worse than incompetent idiots. They know what they are trying to do. For starters, they know that the ice cream issue is more than just a money grab. They are intentionally trying to strip all the fun and joy out of children's lives. They also know that, by confusing the flock by altering doctrines repeatedly, they create the illusion of dependence on them for spiritual knowledge. You are always looking up to them for guidance because of their intentionally confusing doctrines. It also causes people to take a needlessly strict interpretation of everything, further stripping out the joy.

    They also know what they are doing with their return to joke-hova brochure. That booklet says that one needs to set modest spiritual [damnation] goals. It also mentions the God's Tyranny book as a tool to re-study. What it doesn't mention is that, when you get baptized, you are taking a LEGALLY BINDING vow of obedience to the washtowel. This is clear if you listen to the bumbling baptismal talks, intentionally confusing to prevent candidates from understanding this. All they know is that they are taking a permanent course in serving joke-hova. Similar to a confusing EULA on software, this talk can be used against anyone if they turn inactive--usually inconsistently and irregularly so everyone is taken off guard. You agree to this "EULA" when you answer "Yes" to the questions, and officially take the vow when you get baptized.

    I specifically recommend NOT getting baptized. Do NOT donate anything. And, if you hear something you don't understand, it is more than just someone not knowing what they are saying. Making bad decisions is not just because they are not aware of the results. The leaders want you damned. They want you forever trapped in this disgrace of a "religion", whether or not you want to be in there. And if shunning doesn't work, they might just do what Scientology has already been known to pull--legal means to enforce your vow of obedience. That most people do not understand this means they have done the job of confusing people--something they do best. And on purpose.

  • passwordprotected

    The catalyst for me waking up and ultimately investigating what I'd been taught to believe my whole life was the Governing Body's collective head coming above the parapet.

    This was in the letter where they announced the termination of home book study groups. The letter was headed "The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses", and for first time in my 36 years as a JW I was forced to question who these guys actually were.

    I cannot be alone in this; when they hid behind the esoteric "faithful and discreet slave" concept, you didn't associate this idea with 7 or 8 old guys in New York.

    But since 2008 they've been pushing themselves more and more into the spotlight, lapping up the "we love you"s and adulation from the faithful. However at the same time, you can't help but think that doing so is exposing the men behind the curtain to those who might be already questioning their whole Jehovah's Witness experience.

  • punkofnice

    When my parents were bringing me up in the dangerous cult, we knew very little about the bloke in charge Knorr or that lunatic Franz. Those were better days. Not only was study interesting...flawed to the max but interesting...there was 'zeal(tm)' for the 'ministry(tm)'.

    Then the rot began to set in slowly but surely. The GB began to come to the fore...demanding worship and adulation. Finally, I got sick of hearint the mantra: 'We thank the faithful slave(tm)' or that lie they used to write about the GB 'loving you(tm)'.

    I now see the GB for the absolute selfish, paedophile loving filth that they are. They have replaced god in the eyes of the R&F. How long the R&F will lap up the JWTV I don't know....of course most WILL lap it up.

  • Alive!

    There were countless uncomfortable moments for me which led to the final realisation that I couldn't 'do' this anymore - and one outstanding stomach churning, panic inducing moment was when I laid eyes on that illustration depicting Jehovah's organisation - the GB sitting around a boardroom table seated in deluxe Pullman directors chairs - down to the hard stack chairs of elders....and so on ( and the message of 'down to' was miserably clear by the descending quality of furniture)

    The dreadful TV broadcasts and now, the Royal Commission - no sign of earnest and open concern regarding true collaboration to resolve internal issues, just bumbling evasive answers and a foolishly arrogant and defensive stance.

    Yes OP, the position of the RC is to bring a compliant set of standards into the handling of child abuse investigations within religious institutions - the GB has totally missed the point.

    Humilty? Ha!

  • sir82

    With guys like that at the top, how long can the organization continue to flourish?

    No organization with such leadership could continue for long without making some sort of serious misstep.

    Either the GB are figureheads and not the guys really "in charge", or we won't have to wait long for a spectacular crash of some sort.

  • Alive!

    Post Script - I turned my life over to these 'shephards' having been sold 'we are different' to other religions - if we are in the final part of the days, one would hope for people to be able to say ' God is truly amongst you people'.

    Forgive me, but in the end, I simply couldn't coerce other humans to follow these earthly leaders who do not give me a sense of security and well being in their pastoral care....I can handle imperfect individual traits, but not collective deception, arrogance and lack of care for the conscience of their flock...

    To follow these self acclaimed brothers of Christ - I must carry the load of their deceptive tricks and ultimately be like them - no thanks. Really, no thanks.

    Am I much happier not being with the 'close association of brothers' ? Not yet - I'm grieving and having struggles with the hurt.

    Hurt that is the result of losing over 25 years of my ordered life - it wasn't all bad - at all!

    But, we cannot live a lie.

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