Good news RE - Geoffrey Jackson and the RC

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  • possum
    plenty of time to practice/practice.................acting like a footstep follower of Jesus Christ will be hard.
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    This RC has certainly brought us a bounteous feast at the proper time hasnt it brothers and sisters?

  • steve2

    Geoffrey, please role play the following exchange. Pretend I am Mr Angus Stewart. Whatever statements he makes, whatever questions he asks, utter the same eight words (however, you may place vocal intonations wherever you see fit):

    "We simply follow what is in the Bible".

    Are you ready? Perfect. Let's role play now! Remember I'm Mr Stewart and you are Mr Jackson. Clear? Perfect.

    Mr Stewart: "The two-witness rule appears in a Biblical book that also tells a rape victim to marry her perpetrator. On what basis to do select the two-witness rule and not the other part?"

    Mr Jackson: "We simply follow what is in the Bible"

    Mr Stewart: " But there are other parts of the same book you don't follow. Please explain that".

    Mr Jackson: "We simply follow what is in the Bible".

    Mr Stewart: "No, you do not".

    Mr Jackson: "We simply follow what is in the Bible".

    Mr McClleland (Judge): "Mr Stewart, we have noted Mr Jackson's response. Please move on".

    Mr Stewart: Please show me the actual Biblical verses providing support for your 3 member Judicial Committees"

    Mr Jackson: "We simply follow what is in the Bible."

    Mr Stewart: "Then please show me where in the Bible there are Judicial Committees and three elders that form them. "

    Mr Jackson: "We simply follow what is in the Bible".

    Now, Geoffrey, follow the rule: Do not deviate from these eight words. Brothers and sisters the world over are praying for Jehovah's blessing.

    What a wonderful witness you will provide. You will be an inspiration to young and old Witnesses alike, providing the only statement a JW need ever memorize: "We simply follow what is in the Bible".


  • freddo

    I wonder if GJ's dad will take a turn for the worse? I mean if he (GJ) has been in Oz since "before July 14th" as Angus Stewart put it then his gravely ill father seems to be taking his time about either passing away or making a miraculous recovery.

    Other musings ...

    I also wonder if GJ was actually in Oz to show up at one of the conventions. Confident his back was covered by his yes men whose only thoughts are "how do I keep my board and lodging and my (relatively) powerful position?"

    O'Brien "didn't know" how long GJ had been in Oz - unbelievable - he was just trying to stop him appearing on the stand. And he offered an affidavit or a Doctor's report so he must be in constant contact with GJ.

    Tokley (WT brief) "he (GJ) can't your honour" as in show up. Well it appears he can you toady slimebag!

    I still wonder if he'll appear but it looks far more likely now.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    This is excellent news! Thanks for sharing.
  • Splash
    If Geoffrey's Dad dies, Geoffrey can resurrect him later.
  • steve2
    Just out of curiosity, is Jackson's father a JW?

    It is anticipated that the hearing will hear from one witness, Mr Geoffrey Jackson, a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Considering the Power of the Royal Commission..

    I doubt Jackson has much choice in the matter..


    ....I`m Important!.......IT`S IN THE BIBLE!.....................YOUR DUMBER THAN SPINKS..

    Image result for geoffrey jackson watchtower...........Image result for Watchtower australian royal commission

  • StrongHaiku

    I was just thinking about all of the countless faithful JWs (some of us) who were tortured, raped, beaten, abused for not signing a loyalty card or not saluting flag, etc. I was just thinking about all of the JWs (some of our family) who died not taking a blood transfusions. I was just thinking about the endless numbers of JWs (so many of us) who made life-altering decisions to not take a job, leave family behind, not take higher education, volunteer countless hours door-to-door-to-door, and made substantial personal sacrifices, to stand up for the Jehovah and his Organization. I was thinking about many of us who never got to say "goodbye" to our loved ones. Many of us and others did it all without a second thought and were honored to do so...

    Geoffrey Jackson had to be asked to take a minute of his busy schedule to set matters straight. His main excuse for not attending is "compassionate care" to his father who is ill.

    I think I will reserve my compassion to the endless number of JWs who laid down on the road before him.

  • steve2

    StrongHaiku, so powerfully said. It helps put the focus squarely where it needs to be: On the GB.

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