have you been tricked about honesty?

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  • wheelwithinwheel

    I was brought up to believe I was part of the only honest group of people on the planet. The worldly people were gougers, thieves and downright dishonest. When wed go to the mall and some charity would ask for a donation, my parents would politely refuse, then tell us kids the charity was crooked and skimmed off most of the money for itself. Stories were told about some J.W finding a large sum of money and returning it. It was always emphasized that the only reason the money was returned was because this person was part of the uniquely honest organisation on earth.

    Lately Ive realised that my parents and the WT may have been misleading me.

    About a month ago I lost my wallet. It was returned intact along with some items that had fallen out of it. Surprisingly Id never seen this good Samaritan at the hall. The cross around her neck led me to conclude she is part of Babylon the Great. I cant imagine how this pagan lady could be so honest. She didnt even swipe my cash!

    This morning on T.V I saw a story about a lady who returned $3300. This even though she is $15,000 in debt, her husband is unemployed and her baby is very sick. She said she didnt even think of keeping the money! What I cant understand is that the interview didnt even mention she was a J.W. ...... unless she isnt?

    Maybe I was tricked and there are a lot of honest people out there.

    Isnt is strange how the J.W.s are always harping on how the world is getting worse and worse degenerating they call it ..... but if you take off your WT-issued glasses you see all this good people. Too bad theyll all be destroyed at Armageddon.

  • Yerusalyim

    JW's don't have a corner on the market of honesty...or deception for that matter.

  • freedom96

    I have seen witness businessmen first hand be about as dishonest as they could be, and this even against other witnesses.

    I think a good percentage witnesses are probably fairly honest by nature, however to say they are the only ones, is far from correct. I don't think any group of people are immune to human nature to sometimes not do the right thing.

  • ugg

    a person hears the words evil and wicked continuely at the kingdom hall......i truly believed that to be so....any thing not jw related was satan owned!!!

    what an eye opener to find out that those words were not honest.....

  • acsot

    I've known about as many dishonest as honest JWs, and ditto for non-JWs. The only difference, which I find undermines JW honesty, is that it is done at times with an ulterior motive: tell the person whose wallet you've just returned that you're a JW, give them a tract and hope for a Bible study. It's not honesty for the sake of honesty, it's honesty for the chance you might get some service time in.

  • happyout

    No group of people can be expected to be all good or all bad. That's a bigoted kind of attitude. Within all groups there are honest, dishonest, talkative, quiet, etc. The problem is that some groups (not only dubs, but lots of religions) try to act like they've cornered the market on all the good qualities, while not admitting to the bad. I have learned to take individuals at face value, and not based on what "group" they belong to.

  • Gig

    This all goes right along with all the other claims the WT makes, right down to the "one true religion" teaching, I mean obligation. The good is repeated endlessly, other ideas are eliminated by the failure to mention them. The evangelistic style is painfully blatant, but as we all know it's required to be swallowed whole, and happily at that. You've chosen a good word for your topic, trickery regarding truth, it's even a Biblical analogy and is plainly condemned. There are good witnesses and bad, there are good non-JW's/ex-JW's and bad, white people, black people, blah blah blah. The hypocracy of suggesting otherwise is obviously boasting, again condemned in the Bible. How can JW's spend SO much time talking the Bible and miss or abuse what it so clearly says? A very sad state of affairs.


    JW`s are no more honest,or dishonest than any other group.They are however as a group,determined to cover up any wrong doing by any of their members.That makes JW`s as a group,just as dishonest as the perpetraters in their own membership of wrong doing...OUTLAW

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  • bay64me

    I lost my mobile phone last week. I left it on a bus. I thought I'd never see it again, but it was handed in, intact, missed calls and messages not interfered with.

    There is good and bad everywhere.

  • Farkel

    : Isnt is strange how the J.W.s are always harping on how the world is getting worse and worse degenerating they call it ..... but if you take off your WT-issued glasses you see all this good people. Too bad theyll all be destroyed at Armageddon.

    No, it's not strange at all. Cults only thrive because they convince people that everyone outside of the Cult is their enemy. The dub Cult says that their main enemies are all invisible! How wonderfully convenient. No one can disprove that!

    Besides that, the dub Cult teaches that outright lying to your enemies is right and proper. They call it "Theocratic Warfare Strategy(tm)." Normal people call it "lying." Just who ARE these enemies that must be lied to? Why EVERYONE else, of course!

    So, they are not more honest than everyone else or even AS honest as everyone else. They are more DIS-honest than everyone else.


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