The 1006 list is on the Royal Commission Website!!!!

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    Role in church at time of first abuse:

    89 listed who were not JWs.
    24 whose status is unclear or missing.
    89 unbaptized publishers.
    688 "parishioners"...I assume they are baptized publishers.
    8 pioneers.
    69 ministerial servants
    38 elders.
    1 circuit overseer.

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    Thanks for the direct link.

  • Oubliette

    Wow, quite a few Elders and Ministerial Servants on the list.

    1,730 victims / 1,006 abusers = 1.72/1 ratio

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    "...We have in our hands tonight's 'Top-1006 List'..."
  • Petraglyph


    I did a bit of work on fastJehu's spreadsheet...

    '10+' could mean any number 10 and above, and 'Unclear' could mean any number 1 and above.

    These were not being counted in the total.

    I replaced all the '10+' with the number 10, and all the 'Unclear' with the number 1...

    The total number of victims on this list is 1857.

    This means the ratio is 1857 victims / 1006 abusers = 1.85/1 ratio

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    The perps are predominently male.
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    To Simon, (off topic but relevant)

    This subject is very important. Is there a way to be able to keep such a topic on the forefront; without it getting lost?

    You have said that you do not want BTTT (Back To The Top) comments made in order to bring a subject back to the top.

    Many new threads are being created on the same subject (such as this one) just to bring it back to the top.

    This is not a criticism; just requesting help in this area.

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    Petraglyph, thanks for taking the time to do a more accurate analysis.

    We are getting very close to a 2:1 ratio. Taking into consideration the assumptions you made I think it is safe to say in every day parlance that it is roughly a 2:1 ratio and that there are thousands of victims.

    This bears out, a very important point (which I posted previously) that we should keep in mind: the majority of sexual abusers do not limit themselves to a single victim. Dr. Monica Applewhite acknowledged that in her testimony. Also, it is likely that there are abusers whom the WT Australia Branch is unaware. This means that the 1,006 known abusers represent a much larger number of victims. How many, it is impossible to know.

    Let's extrapolate this to the Worldwide Work, shall we?

    There were 66,484 publishers in Australia last year and 7,867,958 average publishers total (source: 2015 Yearbook).

    A little quick math suggests that there likely has been well over 100,000 abusers in the organization over the last half century. This suggests that there has been many hundreds of victims of their abuse, possibly in the millions!

    Obviously, this mental exercise involves a certain amount of conjecture and speculation, but I don't believe there is any valid reason to believe the problem in Australia is unique or significantly different to any other area or culture. Are Australians more depraved than other people? Nothing suggests this. On the contrary, that the Australian government is leading the way in addressing it suggests the opposite, if anything.

    Also, I have not made any attempts to adjust for various growth rates of the religion throughout the world over the last 50 years. But I don't think that is important or necessary to understand the point.

    What is important is to allow the significance of the known facts to really sink in. Take some time with this and ponder what it really says about this religion, particularly in light of its history of pointing their finger at other religions meanwhile denying their own moral failing. Really consider the magnitude of this problem.

    So, let's review: It's not just a cult, it is one of the worst, most damaging and destructive religious cults in the history of mankind, one which needlessly puts vulnerable children at risk and historically has done precious little, if anything, to protect them!


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    Holy Spirit appointed over 100 child abuser in one country. I just can imagine how many more around the world.

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