The typical JW zombie mindset

by SecretSlaveClass 14 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • mynameislame
    I had a discussion with a therapist about pedos and he said he will only work with them if they admit they are doing wrong. Then went on to say they almost never do. The Dubs seem to think the bible has magic powers when used by the them. Not much different than a priest using it to exorcise demons. So it would stand to reason that they believe the pedos have been cured.
  • Sabin
    I printed off the W.T article sited in those guide lines, W97 1/1 pp.26-29. Let us abhor what is wicked. Under the subheading What of a child Molester?. Depending on the law of the land where he lives, the child molester may well have to serve a prison term or face other sanctions from the State. The congregation will NOT protect him from this .Well that is a F-ing lie for a start isn't it. A dedicated adult christian who falls into the sin of child sexual abuse reveals an unnatural fleshly weakness. Experience has shown that such an adult may well molest other children. So they have all this experience that they have taken absolutely no bloody notice of. For the protection of our children, a man KNOWN to have been a child molester does not qualify for a responsible position in the congregation. KNOWN & that is where the bastards get away with it. As a parent reading this you would believe it means your kids are protected, when in truth their not. So in effect they have knowingly & deliberately put children in harms way. I bet there are elders who knew kids that were being abused & figured Oh well as long as it isn't my kids. Have any of them apologized to any of the victims, NO.
  • RedPillPopper
    Ha !! I just sent her an FB Friend Request................. ;-)
  • Vidiot

    Popper, you are a bad, bad man.

    (BTW, I liked the "slight of mind" phrase you used in your intro post 4 months ago.)

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Once a child molester, always a child molester. It is just a matter of time and opportunity. Reason why a person should never be given the 'opportunity' by putting them in any position of authority.

    I hope this blows up here in the States so that they are fully and loudly exposed and forced into reparations, public apologies and clear policy changes.


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