HELP!!!! Tina & Esse found new lump this morn.

by nojw86 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • nojw86

    Hi guys, you have so supportive with asking about me, need some air words right now, leaving in ahour for emerg. prayers laughs anything will do. regards.....nojw ... Forgive any misspelled words just to shaky to type.

  • Gopher


    So sorry to hear about this. I hope the doctors can get to the bottom of the problem and help.

    Of course our thoughts and (for those of us who still pray) prayers are with you today!

    Let us know how things turn out later, when you can.


  • Frenchy

    I've been absent from this board for a while so I'm not sure of what is going on but you certainly have my best wishes and prayer as well.

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • JT

    wishing you the very best

  • waiting

    hey, what a way to start the morning - my best wishes to you.
    As for a chuckle.....

    In my house there's this light switch that doesn't do anything. Every so often i would flick it on and off just to check. Yesterday I got a call from a woman in Germany. She said "Cut it out." Steven Wright

    When I found the skull in the woods, the first thing I did was call the police, but then I got curious about it. I picked it up and started wondering about who this person was and why he had deer horns. Jack Handey

    And one for you -

    Like a midget at a urinal I have to stay on my toes. Leslie Nielsen

    Take care.


  • Seven

    Nojw, I'll be thinking about you today and wish you the best. Another battle for you to win. Never quit fighting.(((nojw)))


  • expatbrit


    Keep hanging in there!

    Best wishes,


  • Esmeralda

    Oh Nojw...
    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG HUG HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I wish I could go to the ER with you and hold your hand!!! Please know that I'll be there
    with you in my heart and I'm sending all my hopes and wishes with you. I'm saying a prayer
    that peace will find your heart and that you will feel the love of all of us here through our words,
    even though they are only words on a screen because they are all that we can offer right now.

    Please e mail me later and let me know how you're doing. If you feel comfortable, please send
    me your e mail address as well so I can keep tabs on you. I'm sending this off now hoping you'll see it
    before you leave, I'll add more on I just wanted you to see that my heart is with you...


  • patio34

    Dear nojw,

    It's such a worry, isn't it? I've known several at work and it's just agony waiting for the doctor's reports. I'll be thinking good thoughts, and let us know, okay?


  • Esmeralda

    I'm adding the words to one of my favorite songs by Sting. Justin sent me this cd
    while we were hundreds of miles apart and this song brought me great comfort during my
    trials...I hope it helps you just a little.


    "When you're down
    and they're counting,
    When your secrets, all found out
    When your troubles take
    to mounting

    When the map you have leads you to doubt
    When there's no information
    and the compass turns to nowhere
    that you know well
    Let your soul be your pilot
    let your soul guide you,
    he'll guide you well

    When the doctors failed to heal you
    when no medicine chest can make you well
    when no counsel leads to comfort
    when there are no more lies
    they can tell

    no more useless information
    and the compass spins
    between heaven and hell

    let your soul be your pilot
    let your soul guide you, he'll guide you well

    And your eyes turn toward the window pane
    to the lights upon the hill
    the distance seems so strange to you now
    and the dark room seems so still

    Let your pain be my sorrow
    Let your tears be my tears too
    Let your courage be my model
    That the north you find will be true
    When there's no more useless information
    and the compass turns to nowhere
    that you know well
    Let your soul be your pilot,
    let your soul guide you,
    Let your soul guide you
    along your way."


    We're with you in spirit, nojw...

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