Apostates on the loose? Glasgow Convention 2015

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  • SecretSlaveClass
    I would really love to see a flash mob on all three days of a district assembly. Preferably a flash mob of trans gender folks who sow up respectfully dressed, rip their suits off on cue to reveal fishnet stockings and pvc clothing and put on the most in-your-face promiscuous performance to the Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Sweet Transvestite".
  • notsurewheretogo
    Yeah Sanderson gave the Friday afternoon talk about inactive JWs - I was having a snooze. His talks are being relayed to other UK conventions happening this weekend.
    That's interesting notsurewheretogo - I haven't heard anyone openly discussing the protester, but it was mentioned to attendants early in the morning.
    Is your friend with the G4S Hydro staff or just the regular JW bouncers? I can imagine the G4S folks would probably be less concerned about a crazy protester as they probably consider all the JWs a bit crazy.

    Ironically the guy next to me was snoozing through his talk! My friend is a JW bouncer guarding Mark Sanderson...the guy with the beard was pretty much stalked by 2 heavies...

  • blondie
    Looking for apostates but no pictures of known pedophiles..........
  • blondie

    I remember at one convention the convention head came on the state and reminded the crowd, "remember brothers and sisters, we are not in the new system yet."

    It seems some people had left cameras and purses on their seats thinking that everyone there was a jw...well they disappeared of course not discounting that a jw could have stolen it (I thought in my mind).

    But never, "brothers and sisters, keep your children with you at all times, pedophiles could be here."

  • 88JM

    To be fair, nowadays they do make an annoncement at the UK conventions every morning to keep your children with you at all times. But yes it certainly wasn't always that way.

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