High priced Kingdom Halls

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  • Preston

    I was searching through this site and found this post after an announcement was made at my mom's kingdom hall in AZ yesterday. Appaently, The RBC informed the elder body that they will need to fix the parking lot (for about $25,000), make changes to the foyer, the literature counter, the stage, the carpeting, the sound system and the seats. They're also going to add an exit door to one of the schools. (This is all second hand information from a reliable source) They said that the toal cost will be from $60,000 to $80,000. During the announcemtnt the entie congregation was advised to read the book of Exodus about the temple and each person was provided with a survey in which they were to make a check next to method they can provide their contribution (the three choices were 1.) direct contribution, 2.) no-interest loan, and 3.) monthly contribution).Don't get me wrong but for $60,000 to $80,000 they could probably get a new kingdom hall. Personally, I find it insulting that they would sprng this on the congregation given the fact that Arizona has one of the worst economies in the state. Personally, I'll be amazed if they come up with the money....

  • Ephanyminitas


    It's real common for a second gener. to get baptized to make mom happy and then move off on his/her own and stop going to mtgs. etc

    Ahem ... that's me, all right. Boy, I hope they open their eyes someday.

  • crownboy

    Preston said:

    ...for $60,000 to $80,000 they could probably get a new kingdom hall.

    Perhaps this is true in Arizona, but here is NYC it's alot higher. The congregation I go to (seldomly ) along with like 4 or 5 others are combining funds to build one of those "cookie cutter" multiplex halls. The cost? $750,000! Almost a million dollars on a damn hall, but not a cent from me.

  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2

    Preston - this is the same type of process that occurred here in the rural Pacific Northwest. At the time (this has been about 5 years ago or so) most of the elder body were out of work. The congregation also had a lot of widowed sisters on fixed incomes, young families, and quite a few retired couples. One of the elders was driving 300 miles to a job in the city, only coming home on weekends. Amazingly, he was the one pushing the whole remodel. The KH needed a new roof and some updating, mostly cosmetic stuff as the hall itself wasn't 20 years old yet. Needless to say, reason and sound economics did not win. Many heated discussions ensued. Rocky even brought the KM that counseled congregations to donate to the KH building fund to help build halls in foreign countries - you know, equalizing the funds. This elder's wife told us we were being selfish for not supporting this KH project and that the brothers in Zimbabwe were used to sitting on wooden boxes. It's what made our kids take a second look at 'the love' shown by JWs.Well, they got their remodel..the newspaper was called when they had their quick build weekend but LOL the newspaper reporter was not interested in their dog and pony show. I Haven't been inside the hall for almost three years - the last time I was there I noticed how cheap everything looked. The wallpaper trim was already coming loose from the wall. They went into debt for about $60,000.00. Structurally there was very little change, just the women's rest room and the front entrance way. And there is a new roof and a little bit of landscaping. They should have had the Taj Mahal with that kind of money! at least IMHO.

    Mrs R

  • Balaamsass

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