How big a deal is the royal commission..? It seems to be not much...

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  • neverendingjourney

    It all depends on the perspective.

    The Watchtower could collapse overnight and it might not even make the front page of the New York times. The world at large doesn't care about the inner workings and controversies of religious denominations unless there's some celebrity angle or general tabloid-quality scandal attached to it.

    As far as the ex-JW community is concerned, this is a big deal. It brings notoriety to an issue that's been on the community's mind. The news might funnel its way through the congregations and help wake a few Witnesses up.

    As for legal repercussions, I haven't been following it too closely, but it seems like the Commission has bigger fish to fry. That's been the problem, generally, with child abuse within the WT. There are always larger, better known churches with even more scandalous problems, and that removes the focus from the WT. I don't see anyone ending up in jail over this.

  • Vidiot

    neverendingjourney - "I haven't been following it too closely, but it seems like the Commission has bigger fish to fry."

    You're right.

    You haven't been following it too closely.

  • OrphanCrow
    neverendingjourney: I don't see anyone ending up in jail over this.

    I do.

    Canada's inquiries, similar in scope to the ARC, into Residential School abuses, resulted in many criminal actions against priests and people connected to institutions being investigated. Some of those abusers are sitting in jail right now.

    The "Truth and Reconciliation Report" that was recently released in Canada, was years in the making. But it didn't stop the redress payments being started long before the commission was finished with its fact finding.

    Whatever things are revealed that are criminal in nature will be dealt with by the agencies who have to become involved. The 1006 cases that have been secret up to now will already be in the hands of the police. We know that the Royal Commission has respect for the law and will have reported suspected crime to those who are in law enforcement.

    The Royal Commission's job is exposure - finding the truth. Lots of outside agencies' mission is "truth finding" as well. And those agencies have teeth that they can act with.

    I can't wait until the WTS' financial dealings get a fine tooth comb going over them. Tax agencies, for one, have big clout. Their books will get looked at - the Commission does deal with redress.

  • umbertoecho

    Thank you Joe Grundy

    The Royal Commission also established in a public manner this...............That those who are confessed child molesters are dealt with in the congregation. No importance by the WTBTS was given to the "public safety" that should be extended...........That was an excellent revelation and brings up so many potential actions on the part of the Australian Government who allow for the door to door preaching work.

  • GodZoo
    I hope that they are also investigated for and get asked what actual charity work they do for the Australian or any other community for that matter.
  • _Morpheus

    I appreciate the responses and again i want to be clear, im not saying for a certainty that they are toothless, im merely asking since, as a non aussie, i have no clue.

    Let me add this: when a congressional committee makes recomendations in the USA, they are just that: recomendations. They are not binding and carry no weight. The weight comes from the fact that those who held the committee meeting are part of the body that makes laws and thus can speak up when the time comes to legislate. Thus when i hear these terms being used it conjures images of a lot of talk with potentially little action. Honestly the responses dont seem more hopeful than factual with regard to potential outcome here

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