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    Hi there, JAVA:
    Sorry for the delay in replying to your response to my down-the-line message about Jim Kostelniuk's book, "Wolves Among Sheep". (I'm off-line quite a bit at this time, but hope I'll be back on track in another week or so. :-)

    You asked if I would be marketing the book, "Wolves Among Sheep", myself or on Beacon website.
    I have no plans to get into marketing books, although that is a possible feature that might be offered in the future on my Christian Quest website:

    Jim has said he would keep me informed about the book's availability in the US, and I will pass along the information.
    It was interesting one viewer's response on H2O. Person said they are in an area where there are few exJWs, and he checked the local library to see if a copy of "Wolves" was available. To his surprise, it was--with 17 requests on the waiting list ahead of him. (What might that suggest? ;-) ).


  • JAVA

    The book looks like a good read, one that I'll buy for a personal copy. The waiting list you mentioned is interesting--that's an intriguing story. I don't blame you for not getting into the book distribution business, and there is little reason why folks can't order from the publisher,, etc. Again, thanks for the heads up about this book.

    ...counting time at the Coffee Shop

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