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  • StayedAliveAfter75

    Although I will continue to provide those of you who have subscribed to my distribution list with pertinent documents as they become available, there is a wealth of material just sitting there for you to pick over if you will just take the time and clear some space on your computer.

    I suggest that you go to Costco, Amazon.com, or a local office supply store and pick up a couple of USB plugin storage drives. I just bought a set of two 128GB 3.0 SanDisk dongles for $19 USD at Costco. These are the cheapest and safest way to save your documents, rather than leave them on a computer harddrive that can crash or be accidentally overwritten at almost any time.

    Where is this feast I suggest that you chow down on? The Royal Commission (Australia) website.


    This page will lead you not only to the daily transcripts of the hearings, but also to all the submitted and relevant documents that were required to be submitted to the Commission. There are statements, magazines, BOE letters, full publications (including the secret elder books).

    I would also respectfully suggest that you also download all of the sessions recorded and available on YouTube. Christian Sparlock and WatchtowerDocuments (Barbara Anderson) are just two of our fellow ex-JWs who have recorded the sessions and made them available to the world at large. These videos may be too big a gulp to take all at once, but look at them one per day at a time and for god's sake pay attention. These are amazing and very revealing.

    For those of you who have YouTube downloaders on your computers (there are several free programs - but be very careful and choose only those verified to be spam or virus free) that will allow you to make copies that you can save on a USB drive or on your computer for future reference.

    Remember that many of our friends and family never see these things because they have no idea where to look. The Commission hearings were low key, well-prepared and non-atagonistic. And yet they reveal everything. The fraud, the back-peddling, the consistent avoidance of the facts by JWs and their representatives.

    You may never have another opportunity in your lifetime like this one to collect documents and videos that really reveal the truth about the Truth. Don't let it slip out of your hands - do it now, even if you don't actually have the time to review and read everything at this very moment. If you are a student and somewhat dedicated to seeing the WT trip, fall and break its neck in the near future, here's your once in a lifetime chance - and it's all free!

    [[ For those of you who still have not requested to be added to my documents distribution list, send me a PM with an email address that won't compromise you (I strongly suggest that you create a new @gmail.com address just for this purpose). ]]


  • wifibandit
    To give you a taste of what is available, browse the files without having to download the documents Here:

    Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Good one, wifibandit! How cool is that?!!


  • GodZoo

    How on earth can you get two 128gb Sandisk USB Drives for $20 when in the UK they are $120 each.. ten times more expensive?


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    These are flash drives and on a brief sale. Costco is a heavy discounter store and sells many things in bulk sizes. Most of the time their prices are about 20-30% under list prices elsewhere. I recently purchase a sealed pack of 8 or 10 16GB flash drives for around $30 at Costco.

    Full sized 1-3 TB standard USB 3.0 desk drives can be had for around $120-150 USD in many places. A 5-TB drive is now available on Amazon for $129 USD. I can remember buying my a 20GB hard drive for well over $100 just a couple of years ago.

    Nice thing about Flash drives is that they write almost instantaneously unless the files are very, very big. Stick it in, save, pull it out. Done. Standard drives have to wind up and get the mechanics moving, but then can do a lot of complicated work quickly. But I have a ton of dead mechanical hard drives around here, and I keep using the Flash drives again and again and again. Amazing little creatures they are.


  • GodZoo

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