Are Witnesses Allowed to Read Bible by itself

by Brighid 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • prologos

    There is a wt weekly bible only reading schedule in the km, and you can have fun examining the impossibilities there, but only 30 seconds comments, and a "no comments" bible reading by a male at the meeting.

    If questions arise you are directed to open wt material immediately.

  • freemindfade

    Read it alone yes

    Think about it no

  • prologos
    talk about the reading, thinking, NO.
  • Brighid
    Uuugggh!!! I feel so badly for those left in. What hope do they have left for a real connection to Spirit (God), if they must always filter it through the publications. My first glimpse of freedom and true connection to "God" was when I took my father's very old King James which had all Jesus' words highlighted in red and started reading only his supposed words. They gave me hope and really spoke to me.
  • Sabin
    Jehovah creator of the universe. The heavens & the earth & everything in it. How deep is his wisdom. Dynamic energy, power & glory. BUT A CRAP AUTHOR, you cant understand a bloody word he writes.
  • fastJehu

    In addition to blondies quotations here are some newer ones:

    *** w81 2/15 p. 17 Do We Need Help to Understand the Bible? ***

    From such experiences it can be seen that Jehovah God caused the Bible to be written in such a way that one needs to come in touch with His human channel before one can fully and accurately understand it. True, we need the help of God’s holy spirit, but its help also comes to us primarily by association with the channel Jehovah God sees fit to use.—1 Cor. 2:6-10.

    *** w90 12/1 p. 19 par. 13 How Can We Respond Unselfishly to God’s Love? ***
    Let us face the fact that no matter how much Bible reading we have done, we would never have learned the truth on our own. We would not have discovered the truth regarding Jehovah, his purposes and attributes, the meaning and importance of his name, the Kingdom, Jesus’ ransom, the difference between God’s organization and Satan’s, nor why God has permitted wickedness.

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