Royal Commission and blood transfusion refusal for children?

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  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    I wonder if the Royal Commission has examined the practice of JWs being led to refuse blood transfusion for children when medically necessary to save life or preserve health in relation to the question of child abuse.

    I've not heard anything about this brought up.

    Is the RC concerned solely with life altering abuse only in the form of sexual molestation, or is it looking at how the organization deals with all life altering forms of abuse JW children are exposed to the result of Watchtower teaching and society?

    Has anyone shown to the RC the Awake journal of May 22, 1994?

    THAT should get some attention!!! Watchtower's governing body practically GLOATS over admitted child sacrifice!

    EDITED TO ADD: I would think this a "related matter" given that it shows where the religion places the life of a child based on its unique theological prism despite immediate and fully predictable dire results that are avoidable based on current knowledge and practices.

  • cognac
    Good question. I thought this was solely on the child abuse issue, but, it would be great if I was wrong!
  • ToesUp

    I think this is a great point. There is so much wrong with this cult. It's hard to pin point just one thing. I think the more that is pointed out to the RC the better. Send them an email, it will be interesting if they investigate it. The best way to find out the facts is to go to the source. The RC is listening and responding. Let's educate them! You never know where it may go! We truly believe the RC is using info provided by the ones who have been impacted the most. Let's face it, we have ALL been impacted in one way or another.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    The RC is set up to examine sexual abuse of children. But it also looks at related matters.

    In this case it seems to me a related matter how the organization relegates the life of a child based on its unique theological view. That is to say, the religion demonstrates with this doctrine that it will hold to its theological position even if that means a child suffers a needless death. THAT should tell the RC something about how the religion places itself in the social hierarchy of the rest of earth's human population.

    Watchtower's blood teaching demonstrates that the religion places its own biblical interpretations AHEAD of the life and health of children.

  • Poztate

    The ONLY mandate the royal commission has is to investigate child sexual abuse handling by the organization.

    They are not allowed to widen out the scope of their investigation. I wish they were

  • azor
    I wonder if I should reach out. I almost lost my son due to my backward thinking. I was an elder when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Had it not been for the courts my beautiful son would not be here. It is likely I wouldn't be either.
  • OrphanCrow

    Wow, Marvin. Maybe this Commission will last for years if they manage to get into the child blood sacrifices.

    That would open up a whole closet full of skeletons, wouldn't it? Wow. the testimony that the blood issue would bring forth would be groundbreaking. So far, most of the legal fights have been the JWs fighting for the right to die and let their children die. This would be the first time that the victims of the blood doctrine would get to speak.

    The issues around the blood doctrine are huge and encompass the medical world, ethics, and victims all over the world. Just think, it was an Australian doctor who recently published the figure of 100,000 JW deaths since the beginning of the blood ban. Many of those were children.

    And, to take a comprehensive look at how children have been affected by that blood doctrine, there are survivors of blood refusal whose lives and health have been permanently affected by the blood transfusion ban. Not only are there children that survived with health problems directly related to the refusal of blood, but also extended families outside of the JWs who have been affected by loss of loved ones who refused blood.

    I have my personal story that relates directly to how the blood ban affected my baby, and I am sure there are many others with similar and worse to tell. How children have been left motherless, and how children were raised with a fear of blood - the life saving fluid that the rest of the world has access to. That same fluid that Christians say that Christ shed and gave to us as a symbol of life and love. The JW children have been denied life saving blood.

    My uncle died way back in 1962, denied surgery because of the blood transfusion ban. I know of the bitterness that still lingers in his nonJW family. I spoke to his sister a couple years ago and she is still angry that her brother was denied medical treatment that could have helped him - all because of the JWs. He wasn't even baptized and my JW aunt had taken control of his care.

    I had made a comment on an earlier thread that if the two witness rule gets dismantled, through the careful reasoning of the legal minds who have done a fine job so far, the next doctrine to fall would be the blood doctrine. It is built upon the same faulty logic used to justify the two witness rule. That is why the WTS is being so stubborn on that two witness "law" - it comes from the same "law" as the blood law.

    Once the blood doctrine gets put on the table, then things could get truly ugly - the blood will literally flow up to the horse's bridles. Especially in Australia - where the bloodless JWs have already become an item of interest.

    Good thread, Marvin. I am with you on this one. Children should not be martyred like they have been on the Watchtower cover all because of a law that the WTS decided to cherry pick out of an old book.

    The WTS' disregard for children is all encompassing and cruel. The blood ban clearly supports that.

  • sir82

    Interesting thought, it had never occurred to me.

    Certainly, withholding potentially life-saving medical treatment from your child when there are no viable alternatives is absolutely a form of child abuse.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Excellent OP, Marvin - I hadn't even considered this.

    Has anyone emailed this to the Royal Commission or Mr Stewart?

    That 1994 Awake could get the WTS into even more trouble.

  • Heaven

    In my email to Stewart I mentioned there are many other abuses going on within this religion. I did not extrapolate other than to hint at victims being held to at least some if not all responsibility in an abuse situation, particularly if the victim is a female.

    In the hearings they did discuss the dangerous nature of having a child, particularly a female child, being forced to relate intimate details of molestation to a panel of men. They also touched on women not being allowed to hold leadership positions. The WT lawyer explained that they would not make changes if it was against the Bible. I think this ticked off, at least, McClellan.

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