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    Latest Circuit Overseer Visit (4/6/01)
    Dear Randy
    I had to just take this time right now to give you another example of the low quality of the teaching within the borg and its also shows how desperate they are.
    My sister went to the circuit assembly this past weekend and on the needs of the circuit portion this is what the circuit overseer (Gibson) brought out:
    He said that here in the U.S. 10% (approx 100,000) of the publishers are not turning in their "field service" time.
    He then said that the "apostates" tell the elders that turning in time is not scriptural. (We know that it is not scriptural).
    He then said that he was going to read 3 scriptures and told the audience to "Connect the Dots."
    Brace yourself for this:
    First he read Proverbs 25:25 which says: Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.
    Then Matthew 10:42: And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.
    Lastly Matthew 25:34,35: Then the king will say to those on his right, come you who are blessed by my father, take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.
    He then went on to say that these scriptures represent the command to turn in "field service" time. If you don't, then you are like the apostates.
    They truly are desperate to keep people following their stupid little man made rules and they continue to use the word apostate to try and scare people to death.
    I just had to tell you this story to show that even here in New York City the quality of their teaching is so low it doesn't even make sense any more. This circuit assembly took place at the Albemarle Theatre in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York City.
    Also at this circuit assembly on the Saturday there was such low attendance that they closed off the entire upper section of the balcony. In past years even on Saturday it would be virtually filled. On this day there were only just over 900 persons in attendance. But as you know some people always sit in certain spots.
    They confined everyone who was on the balcony to sit in just the lower part which is only about five rows. Many were disgusted with this because the upper part is more comfortable and has more room for legs and coats etc. They did this of course to try and make all sit close together to give the appearance that the hall was not as empty as it really was. They refused to open the upper section until later on. One sister who would always sit in the upper part broke her ribs because she sat in the lower part as they directed but when the opened the upper part as she was walking up the steps to get to her regular seat she fell down 7 of nine steps that are on the lower part of the balcony and broke 3 ribs. The fact is that her regular seat is only 2 steps from the landing if you can picture it. So really if she had been allowed to sit in her regular seat in the upper part of the balcony, this would not have happened. I know this sister personally since I was a child and I also know from having been an attendant exactly where she would always sit. Well she is now in the hospital because the borg wanted to make a show of numbers that weren't really there.
    Also it is interesting that 2 other sisters blatantly refused to even sit in the lower part of the balcony as directed. They stood up on their feet during the whole meeting until they opened up the upper part of the balcony. One married couple vociferously protested against the attendants about the situation. Also when they did open up the upper part of the balcony this was in the middle of a talk but even though the person was giving a talk, there was a mass exodus of people changing their seats and walking up to the more comfortable upper balcony. Also one bro who is an "elder" showed how he only cared about protecting the borg from a lawsuit by taking pictures of the steps where the sister fell right after the accident. They also started calling bros and sis out from the meeting who saw the accident to take a statement from them. Yeah, they really care about the poor sister (in her 60's) who now has 3 broken ribs and is in the hospital.
    You know, the Bible shows in the gospel accounts that when Jesus gathered people together to instruct them, his first concern was for their comfort.
    Well Randy, another pitiful story out of the borg.

  • JT

    randy great post


  • nojw86

    Hi Randy,Really great post, am amamzed at how these JW take commands, an elderly sis. should have made an issue as to where to sit especially beecause of age limit involved, rest of post was so informative, i recenently posted if modern day JW could build an a present day "ARK" by following the orders of Elders, your post showed the lack or slack that is slowly taking over this witnesses. regards, nojw

  • mole

    Dogpatch, interesting post. I attended the circuit assembly in Dec. 2000. On saturday the floor of the arena was full, however, the seats that surround the floor on all sides contained many empty seats. The next day, sections that have never been empty at past assemblys were blocked off with the yellow police tape, causing everyone to sit uncomfortably close. I feel as dogpatch does that this was an effort to make the joint look fuller.

  • RavynX

    Reminds me of a notorious District Convention in Tacoma WA in 1994..... I was told I could not park in the handicapped space that was marked handicapped because my parking permit was from the State of Idaho and the Convention was in WA(like I am supposed to carry 50 parking permits with me from each state?)....I parked there anyway, told the attendant to call the cops if he wanted me to move and proceeded to spend the next hour in Administration threatening to slap the BORG with the Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit. I was told that the parking lot belonged to the BORG for the time they rented it and that they could do whatever they wanted with parking. Again I said call the cops on me. They did not of course, but I was hoping they would!

  • JAVA

    Interesting post Randy, thanks. The Tower keeps shooting themselves in the foot, each time hitting themselves higher. They do more to turn believers away than any of the ex-JW sites could hope to do.

    Hunting for JWs at the Coffee Shop

  • battman

    you are so right about the thought that the
    last straw comes from within. Up until just
    a few months ago I would have aggressively
    defended "The Truth" against outside attack.
    (seems to be a natural animal/human tendency)

    However, when I was attacked, by my wife yet,
    I finally started doing real serious research. The
    more I looked the less the WT doggyma made even
    a clue. I read some apostate literature many years
    ago and it was even goofier than WT nonsense.

    Enter the information age, the web, and sites like
    these. Not only are many posting here but I note
    the many many times that these many threads have
    been read. IMHO the posts I enjoy the most are
    the ones that use exact WT quotes to prove from
    where the WT has been, is going and by their own
    words they will be known (and judged) That is really
    going to hurt.

    It is usually not the crime so much as the "coverup"

    Thanks for your virtual "java" much appreciated.


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