A question to ask about the two witness rule for reporters or the RC

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  • scary21

    Someone posted about this not long ago but I could not find it.

    In Deut.23:25-27 it talks about the girl being raped in the field, and no one is around to help her. She is not to be put to death .

    She did not sin.

    The man IS to be put to death. How can he be put to death on her word alone ? She is the only witness. Remember the bible says no one was there to help her.

    Where is the two witness rule ? Being stoned to death is a pretty serious thing ,your DEAD!

    Like I said, this was not my idea but it stuck in my head and I thought it may be a good argument .

    What do you guys think ? Is this a good question for the RC to ask ?

    Thanks , Sherry

  • Listener
    No, it is not a good question to ask. It's been dealt with at the rc several times now.
  • poopie
    Hello its a pricipal of moasic law not A law that carries over to christian cong the phsrisees want to use it as law it is not a law only a principle.
  • poopie
    Thats why you have judges to find the truth.
  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    That was WOZZA who posted that.

    I fowarded it to both Martin McKenzie-Murry and the RC.

    I am with you, lets see what happens

  • scary21

    So are you saying The two witness rule in Duet. is also found some where else in the bible ? I just thought it pertained because it is also about sex or should I say forced sex. I did hear the RC talk about the stoning but thought it referred to bad children which would have more than one witness, And of course you can't stone people.

    The point is they did not need two witness's to do so in the case of rape. And this is in the book of Deut same book as the two witness rule. I just don't get it .

  • Listener

    Matt 18:15, 16

    The. Duet is a principle only but matt is the guideline to be followed.

  • scary21

    Listener, thanks, looked it up. Now I remember that scripture... Ok they must follow the guideline, even back when it was a PRINCIPLE they did not have to follow it in all cases. But the guideline must be followed in ALL cases...........that just seems well, nuts I thought it was a law back in Deut.

    Principle- guideline ??? Still confused but starting to get it, Thanks !

    Hey Bill, thanks for letting me know that it was WOZZA that posted about that.

  • wozza

    For the sake of clarification the scripture is Deut. Ch:22 vs 25 -27

    My point that I am making is the WTS is inconsistent and cherry picks what it wants ,they are ignoring the fact of the scripture that an innocent person has been dealt with badly in a sexual crime , points this out to Jehovahs people of authority and they decide the offender be judged but the victim is taken on their word only and he is put to death on that one witness evidence.

  • Vidiot

    @ wozza...

    Oh, yeah...

    ...it was quite the paradigm shift for me when I realized that the WTS practiced the same kind of pick-and-choose theology that they disparaged "Christendom" for.

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