Australian branch co-ordinator Terrence O'Brien gets called out for lying to the Royal Commission

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    He could be asked plainly:

    "As an anointed member of the Governing Body of JW's do the adherents of your faith accept that you are one of Christ's brothers who has authority to set procedure for handling sin in a judicial setting?"

    "As a "Governor of the congregation, doesn't that role inherently contain a requirement of submission and obedience to edicts you provide through the pages of your magazine The Watchtower, letters to the Elders worldwide and to the congregations through your monthly news letter, Our Kingdom Ministry"?

    He needs to ask him if he believes he will personally be among those 144,000 who will be ruling all mankind from heaven. If he has that much responsibility why would he not have influence over matters here now when it comes to setting policy on how abuse cases are handled?

    Sorry about your Dad Geoffry but this will be here after he is gone and there are 8 million JW's who you rule over and their children are in danger, get with the program.

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  • umbertoecho
    That moment was awesome!!! Caught out in a complete lie.

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