Jehovah is Cool!!!

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  • Kent

    Jehovah is a cool guy, helping JWs to get stinking rich.

    "I would like to thank my God, Jehovah, for giving me the strength to compete today since you guys were a little tough on me today," said Williams, who picks up a check of $330,0000.

    The story can be found here:

  • JAVA


    The URL listed doesn't seem to work. While on this topic, I think good dark beer is Cool!!!

    counting time at the Coffee Shop

  • outnfree

    Hey! Those Williams sisters can't really be WITNESSES can they?
    Wouldn't their professional tennis schedule take them away from theocratic duties?!!!

    (If one just goes to
    and then uses the advanced search for sports only with the quotation, you will find the article in question about Serena Williams )


  • joelbear

    Some witnesses can be rich tennis professional and in good standing. Others will work their night jobs so they can pioneer and hope to run into Venus at a convention where they will live their current life vicariously through her while both awaiting the new system. Will there be competition in the new system?



  • apostate

    I am happy for their success. Can you imagine how much pressure they had to endure from their elders and the congregation for not putting Watchtower interest first place in their lives! They earned their money with hard work. They are a fine example of courage. They don't let the Watchtower Corporation to dominate their lives. GO GIRLS GO!

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