Yesterday I posted a topic with personal details of one of the RC staff.

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  • umbertoecho

    Yes. I posted a topic with personal contact information on it. Such stupidity and I do deeply apologise to the person and the Commission.

    It has been taken down thank fully.

    This morning I came skulking out of my cave, and with trepidation started the computer and checked my emails.............

    There was a lovely compassionate email from the staff at RC telling me not to be too upset at what I had done. They said they understood and it was important that I not get too distressed at the error.

    Then they said they were thankful for all the support and gratitude being shown to them from various parties and other places. Those messages of gratitude had been passed on to the teams and everyone else involved.

    I thought I important to let you people know this as I made a mistake and was instantly forgiven and at the same time encouraged. I have learned my lesson and it is an important one.......

  • Oubliette

    I have learned my lesson and it is an important one.......

    Yes, worldly people are usually much nicer than hardcore JWs, especially the elders.

  • 3rdgen

    Umberto. unlike the WT$ you acknowledged your mistake, took active steps to correct it, then sincerely apologised. That's what decent people do.

  • Crazyguy
    You mean they did not df you for at least a year, oh my!
  • umbertoecho

    crasyguy......Oh ha ha aha ha aha ha ha ha ..............bloody true, keep the quips coming they make me so damned happy and strong.

    There is a site for emails to RC it would be a good thing for those who can do so, to let RC know that it's all about protecting the GB. This is where the directives come from.

  • steve2
    Are you absolutely certain the RC did not tell you to sit at the back of the room for several consecuative months not talk to anyone - and they are not to talk to you, and you are to provide incontrovertible proof that you are truly, truly sorry for your deliberate sin?
  • Illuminated
    I found this post very interesting and revealing at how much pressure you guys are/were under... Wow! I mean, what would happen if this was the WTS? "Worldly" organizations reacting the way the RC did to you in response is very common and "the norm" it's kinda like, "No biggie, you didn't know, just letting you know". Don't be too hard on yourself.
  • JWdaughter
    So, the men that we have seen responding like human beings to these things have a whole staff of real human beings? Wow. What an example that those "worldly" people set!

    "Worldly People" showed you compassion ??????? But......... but ....that's ....not possible !

    Love your candor umbertoecho !!

    I got the impression you too have been a victim ..right ?

    It was the compassion of "Worldy People" toward my wife when she had breast - cancer that got her thinking deeper about things- and now she is "out"

  • umbertoecho

    yes I am a survivor of the abuse and the way they handled it. I was threatened with legal action if I spoke further upon it.

    I have the compassion of the RC to assist now. They were very kind in the way they wanted me to forgive myself for the mistake. This made me cry. I had not known about the secular world and the good it would do. I only knew about not upsetting Jehovah which really means the WTBTS

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