Door To Door? Not At Heathrow!

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  • mole

    The CO is in town this week. In his talk on Tues. he pointed out that even if you don't convert anyone in all your years of door to door, your ministry is still a success. I wonder if he is referring to $$$$ success for the WTS?

  • conflicted

    My mother was converted via door to door ministry in 1970/71. +1 D2D
    My father soon followed - both were baptized very quickly in the middle of '71. I was raised in the truth, my brothers and sister were born into it. My father left the truth around '76 - after the great 1975 prophesy failed. We were on-again-off-again for a few years until around 1984/5 when we went back full force (except my father).
    I was baptised in 1987, and we all left simultaniously in 1989.

    During my time working in the field, I never once made a convert, I conducted one bible sudy, but he was the son of an interrested mother, he wasn't all that impressed.

    I think field service is not really for the purpose of creating converts, but serves two other purposes for the WTS
    1. Keeps the current witnesses busy, tired and exhausted witnesses dont question flawed doctrine.
    2. Keeps sales up for all the books and magazines the WTS publishes, witnesses pay twice for them, and the society gets WAY rich.

  • OrangeBlossom

    I was born into it. My father was contacted at his place of business, the person then came and talked with my parents.

    I never converted anybody.

  • expatbrit

    The only person I ever converted was my own Father (after 20 years of heroic resistance on his part). Now he's an elder.

    Isn't life ironic.


  • discombobulatedgirl

    Been there done that thought it was fun thee thought it was not did i to please not with plesure never gonna do it agian never gonna have he urge to talk to another door dint find it fun noe ever a little tiny pit


  • freddi

    hey there;
    when i was a teenager and very zealous in the truth, i managed to get my best friend,who was jewish, to believe in Jesus on her deathbed. i didn't talk about Jehovah at all just about the love that Jesus would have for her if she would only believe in Him and believe in the hope that she would be resurrected. before she died, she finally realized that Jesus is truely the Messiah. i prayed with her in the name of Jesus and then she peacefully passed away. ask anyone in the kingdom hall if they thought that she would be saved and they would say no. ask me and i will tell you what i was taught before i started going to the kingdom hall. all one has to do is confess in their hearts that they give their heart to Him and that is all you need. will she be shown mercy and will Jehovah remember her name? i really think that He will. who are we to judge.
    R.I.P. Rose - shalom
    peace to all

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