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    On listening to day 7 of the hearing I was amazed at the serious lack of knowledge in the bible, did anyone else notice this?
  • sir82

    Not really.

    There's no one left among the JWs who would remotely qualify as a Biblical scholar. It still astounds me that they would have the cojones to actually produce a revision (actually, a new translation) of the Bible....using a team in which no one even understands Biblical Greek and Hebrew, let alone is an expert.

    The JWs view the Bible as a sort of "dictionary of proof texts". They view the Bible as having a few hundred "useful" scriptures and the rest of it is just meaningless filler.

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    They know enough about the Bible to uphold their beliefs and practices. In terms of understanding the Bible as a religious text, an historical text and a philosophical text, they have no knowledge. But that doesn't matter to them, the Bible is merely a footnote to their position that the Governing Body speaks on behalf of God on earth.
  • eyeuse2badub


    The JWs view the Bible as a sort of "dictionary of proof texts".

    You said it exactly the way it is Sir82. Even when I was a gong ho jw, I was always puzzled at how often the same core of about 75 scriptures appeared and reappeared in all the publications. They were quoted to support the doctrine of the wtbts not quoted to give insight or knowledge. "Proof texts" is what we called them, not bible texts. I had a Mormon guy tell me once that the witnesses use the same 75 scriptures about 80% of the time to support our teachings.

    So although JW's may believe that "all scripture is inspired by god", they definitely believe that only 75 are "beneficial for teaching, for reproving, and for setting things straight".

    just saying


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