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    I would say that you will have a difficult time answering that type of 'logic' because JWs have not reached the position stated in Malachi 3:18. They cannot distinguish "between a righteous one and a wicked one, between one serving God and one who has not served him." They are guilty of what Malachi says at verse 15: " And at present we are pronouncing presumptuous people happy. Also, the doers of wickedness have been built up. Also, they have tested God out and keep getting away." I believe this is exactly what your mother-in-law is doing in her letter.

    Obviously, this type of activity is going on in the congregations as Isaiah 32:5 shows it will cease. It reads: "The senseless one will no longer be called generous; and as for the unprincipled man, he will not be said to be noble." Verse 7 reads: "As for the unprincipled man, his instruments are bad; he himself has given counsel for acts of loose conduct, to wreck the afflicted ones with false sayings, even when someone poor speaks what is right." You may be fighting a loosing battle with her.


  • Amazing

    Hi SilentLambs: Here is the gist of how I might respond:

    ”Jehovah works through his organization, changing things from within not through worldly media and people who are bringing reproach on him and his people.”

    False: Even WTS publications recognize that Jehovah worked through ‘worldly’ kings, such as Nebuchadnezzar, to discipline his people. God is not ‘partial’ or a ‘respecter of persons’, but is free to use whom he wishes to accomplishes his will. The WTS also admits that in modern times it was disciplined when JF Rutherford and others were sent to prison because of their uncleanness. Finally, Catholic Priest have argued for many decades that Catholics must wait on Christ to ‘clean out’ the church. Obviously that logic never flies with Jehovah’s Witnesses. There is a time and place when one must wake up to truth, when reality catches up to fantasy.

    ”Talk about an ostrich with its head in the sand. You are following an imperfect rebellious man, not Jesus Christ our leader and exempler.”

    False. It is because of Jesus Christ that we have to admit the truth and as did the apostle Paul, appeal to Caesar to address the wicked conduct being allowed to persist for decades within the Watch Tower organization.

    ”You’ve chosen to focus on one issue and disregard the most important issue, the sanctifying and vindication of Jehovah’s name and getting the good news preached before the end.”

    False. This “ISSUE” caused by wicked Watchtower policy is what is bringing reproach on Jehovah’s and Jesus’ names. We are still preaching the Good News.

    ”I’ve mentioned this more than once and when you answer you always ignore it. Ya’ll are actively influencing others to turn against Jehovah’s Organization causing some to lose faith like the sisters husband I told you about in my last letter.”

    False. We are NOT influencing anyone to turn against Jehovah God and Jesus Christ, nor by any means to lose faith in the same. We are trying to get people to wake up to the truth of a wicked situation, and realize that the ‘organization’ is a mere human convenience, as often stated in so many words by the WTS.

    ”His blood will be on silentlambs head.”

    The molested children of Jehovah’s Witnesses and their parents who are kept in silence by Watch Tower policy are on the heads of the leadership, and not our conscience.

    ”What do you call people who cause others to doubt and turn away form Jehovah and his organization?”?

    If the organization is proving false, as have others like the Catholic Church, then I call people who help others get out, to be liberators.

    “You cannot stop all children from being abused just as no one can stop incest, physical abuse, etc… It happens outside and in Jehovah’s Organization from those not truly applying his standards. Jehovah will judge them and bring them to justice.”

    No one is saying that such crimes can be stopped. But, the only way crimes are dealt with are when the victims and their parents speak out, and seek justice. When the organization turns their backs on them, then they have to appeal to the civil authorities. Caesar is not asking something against God by seeking such information, but as Jesus said, ‘Render therefore, Caesar’s things to Caesar, and God’s things to God.’ What Caesar is seeking here is something that does NOT violate God’s laws, but actually supports the will of Jehovah.

    “In the mean time family can turn abusers or those highly suspected in. I know of cases where that was done and the ones who turned the individuals in were not disciplined by the congregation.”

    Families are instructed to keep silent. And as a result of obeying such religious men, the authorities never find out.

    “How sad that you choose to spend the remaining time in this system working against Jehovah’s Organization. Somewhere along the line under your husbands very subtle but persuasive influence you have lost the immensely good sense and wonderful discernment you had and are like a horse with blinders on that can only see in one direction.”

    The system has been in its ‘remaining time’ for over 100 years. What else is new? What I am doing is not working against the organization, but for the victims of molestation that the organization has turned its back on. It is precisely because my ‘blinders’ are off that I am able to discern this issue and move forward.

    “Don’t bother trying to reason with me and I won’t try with you anymore. My faith is stronger than ever.”

    You do not want to be reasoned with because you are afraid of admitting the truth. You cannot see wicked criminal policy even as it stares you in the face ... you are blinded by a concept, a fantasy, and one day reality will catch up to such a fantasy.

    “Part of the prophecy was how there would be those who would turn away from the truth.”

    The WTS policies about treating molesters seems to fulfill that prophecy about those turning away from truth.

    “We’re supposed to meet together and all the more so as we behold the day drawing near. That is scriptural and you know it. Your dad and sister have told me they do not agree with ya’ll and don’t want to talk to you about it. It’s pretty sad when DF persons can see how wrong your course is, but you can’t.”

    We have not stopped meeting together. I find it interesting that you take the word of DF’d people over ours. What does that say about you?

    “One isolating himself will seek his own selfish longing, in this case-do or die on one issue.
    Thanks silentlambs, I’ve lost not only a daughter but one whom I considered my closest friend. When I say lost I mean having the very close relationship we had. I will never approve of what you are doing.”

    We are not seeking to isolate ourselves, but just the opposite, we are opening up to the light of truth to all. You have not lost me or our relationship. If anything is lost, or abandoned, it is only your choice, not mine.

    Mom, I love you, and wish you would try to understand, and see the other side of this issue. Why close your mind and heart? Are we really working against God, or rather, men who see themselves above God; men who conceal wicked crimes against helpless children?

    The above is how I might respond if it were my mother who wrote that letter to me. It may not work or be appropriate for this situation for SilentLambs wife, but maybe it might provide some ideas. - Amazing

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    Hey Wasasis,

    Good post.


  • ShaunaC

    Wasasis, your suggested reply was excellent! It primarily shows love but also tries to reason with her using her own logic about the organization being God's. Excellent!!!

    Silentlambs, my heart continues to go out to you & your wife. I too have lost my best friend, my mother, since being Df'd. It hurts so deeply, it's like a double edge sword...losing both mother & friend. Please relay to your wife that my thoughts are with her!


  • silentlambs

    thanks for the kind responses and excellent reasoning regarding this sad topic. my wife and i have read your posts together and it has brought many a smile as it confirms where the real problem lays. we are sad for the loss, my parents as well, but it changes nothing when it comes to the issue of wt policy. how could any organization put themselves in the position wt has and think they can wait it out and it go away. bad, bad, bad, mistake. i have been accused of trying to stop the preaching work, this is comparable to saying that when US forces invaded Germany during WII they were disrupting the German goverment. Yes German goverment was disrupted, but why? they were killing innocent people and as a result diserve the punishment they recieved. this compares with wt, yes i think the preaching work will be interrupted, but the question is why? because they willfully allow children to be molested and protect the pedophiles. wt cannot hide from this any more than nazi's could hide the atrocities they committed. consider me much like an angry jew who just will not let it go. i know what they have done and they are not going to get away with it.

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    Feel the pain for you and and your wife. as Jw we are admonished to not seek out the world as friends, so mom is a witness and mom and daughter create a beautiful bond in religious haromy, well I guess thats as far as it goes, Love is built into us via our creator, ex the LOVE a child when born has for its parents,we really do not have to a religious person to have deep LOVE for fellow man and our parents or children, LOVE is the one thing this org. has not instilled, but yet it has instilled in its CAPTIVE AUDIENCE love for the organization, a mighty popular word them, slentlambs, keep well and keep srtong.......nojw86

  • rollercoaster

    My response:
    When you see a man molesting a child, just walk by reassuring yourself that Jehovah will punish him and console the child in the new system. Don't worry. Don't tell, and Don't look.

    Wasa, I admire your ability to think clearly when it comes to this kind of subject. I want to become my own vigilante and then I think tha kids should own guns. Not adults. That's my warped thinking!!!!
    If adults won't protect the babies, who will?

  • Flip

    SL, just a suggestion, if haven’t already considered one like it:

    Maybe you could open with a letter to your MIL using Wasasisters post in it’s entirety or amended to suit.

    Follow that with a comment…something like…"…by the way this subject is obviously very important to me and many of my acquaintances also."

    "I took the liberty to discuss your last letter and thought you might find their comments helpful, seeing how others who you might meet when going door to door feel about this subject and the comments in your letter.”

    Or something along those lines...

    Amend any typo’s, copy and print out as many posts you feel necessary to get your point across and informally add them to the letter, email, etc. to your MIL.

    “…many hands make light work…”


  • Liberated

    Excellent thread and comments here.

    Wasasister: In a word...perfect.

    "but if His organization has flaws resulting in
    terrible harm to even one Witness child.......
    change outdated policies of secrecy which have
    fostered this unhealthy environment"

    It puts the focus exactly where it should be, on the system that created these policies that protect the criminal.

  • Tina

    Dear Sl and family,

    I can't add anything better than whats already been posted.
    Just know you and your family are in my thoughts and that you have my full support. Wishing you and yours continued strength and courage.
    With much thanks and gratitude for your brave stand and giving a voice to those who were once voiceless....warm regards,Tina

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