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  • maksutov
    It seems like there has not been as much discussion here about the RC testimony on day 6 (4th August) as there has been about previous days. I was quite surprised by Rodney Spinks' testimony, which was a marked contrast to the bungling and inarticulate testimony of the elders that appeared before him. Spinks seemed reasonably co-operative, and a lot more willing to concede points than anyone else has been. He still often missed the point, or tried to deflect, and made some laughably ridiculous comments (like putting the Bible ahead of scientific discoveries) but his testimony actually gave me a little bit of hope that there is a willingness to co-operate and make improvements.
  • StrongHaiku

    One thing I would hope comes out of this hearing is that, as part of deliberation/recommendations, they require the Organization to collect ALL material (confidential or not) on their policies of abuse in detail, consolidate it into one book/document, and provide it to ALL of the R&F. There needs to be a full disclosure to all members and the RC should try to make that requirement. And, further, that documentation would reviewed by the RC (or some future secular/impartial board) to ensure compliance.

    One can dream...

  • oppostate

    Funny, I had a totally opposite reaction to Spinks. I thought he was combative with Mr. Stewart at times and had to be put in his place by the Judge. It was then that he cowered and sheepishly assented to what he was asked.

    He gave false testimony concerning the freedom the Australian Branch has in making up guidelines and interpreting directives from New York. He was clearly trying to shelter the GB from too much involvement.

    But then he ended up throwing the GB under the bus by saying with a smile there are more experienced members of the Branch than the members of the GB regarding policy and procedures. Any r&f JW would on hearing that would go "Say whuh?" on that revelation.

    So I guess that according to Spinks, Branch experience takes precedence over God's Spiritual Direction upon the Faithful and "Discrete" Slave.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    I would love to see this commission deal with blood and shunning doctrines.
  • paradisebeauty

    He lied about the branch having any authority to change procedures.

    It looked to me like he was just trying to protect the gov. body.

    And lie.

    A false display of humility. - always saying sorry or I apologize, but when asked why he uses the word "land" instead of "country" he asked back the prosecutor "how many lands are there in the world"

    What was he trying to prove? That the prosecutor does not even know the number of "lands" but jw's have authority over people of "lands"all over the world? or what? was his pride getting out of him after having had to answer so many questions?

  • Magwitch

    Although he was much more impressive than the previous "String of gormless elders", he still was nothing more than a very dishonest man.

    Side point.....I loved it when Angus asked him why they use the word lands instead of countries in the publications when describing how immense the watchtower population is. This is something that has always irritated me, and ol' Spinks had not a clue.

  • Dumplin

    Yeah. I wouldn't get my hopes up on Spinks.

    I just heard he has angrily denied reports that he became a JW to seek/serve Jehovah. He assured reporters that it was to help others molest children in a safe and protected environment away form the police.

  • maksutov
    I agree there were definitely plenty of faults to find, and he was dishonest at times, but I suppose I took it as read that that would be the case. Still, he seemed to perform much better than the others. I would think a moderate JW watching days 1-5 would feel very uncomfortable, but day 6 would make them feel soooo much better. If my wife were to watch any of the proceedings, I would hate for it to be just today's, as I think it would give the impression that everything is fine.
  • ThomasCovenant

    ''Spinks seemed reasonably co-operative, and a lot more willing to concede points than anyone else has been''

    That's because he is in a position of authority and can bend the rules to suit.

    The elders couldn't concede because they were not allowed to concede anything otherwise they'd be going against those in authority of them, i.e. people like Stinks.

  • OrphanCrow
    maksutov: Still, he seemed to perform much better than the others. I would think a moderate JW watching days 1-5 would feel very uncomfortable, but day 6 would make them feel soooo much better.

    Ah, yes, this guy was a well trained Society man all the way. That will reassure the faithful.

    But, he gave a truthful account of the lengths that the Society will require them to go to lie for them. And a truthful account of how incredibly awful they will treat women. He was horrible to the women lawyers. And, he gave a detailed account as to how the JW judicial process acts to collect, document and distribute all those child sex stories that they are obsessed with meeting together, time and time again, to discuss in detail. And so obediently passing all those details on to their 'superiors'.

    Spinks was actually quite a valuable witness.

    I wonder if Spinks is actually one of those Society members? One of those 300-500 men that, according to the WTS charter, gain elite membership into the voting circle of the Society itself?

    Is he one of those men who have the special status? Is he one of the annointed?

    One or both of those factors would hold him to a greater accountability for the crime of collecting child sex abuse material. That is a crime that holds no borders over all those 'lands' he brags about. Mandatory reporting laws or not, crimes have already been committed.

    Spinks gave a great accounting of the WTS' crimes against children.

    I hope the Toole tries to top Spink's performance. Lol! Did you catch the plug that Spinks threw in last nite? Haha! Maybe Toole will wear a blue button for his appearance.

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