The WT vultures will NOT feed on my carcass!

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  • mustang

    Good thoughts, ZZ,

    That is especially so on the Law Library. Again, this varies from state-state, country-country, but some places will try to exclude you from a Law Library. This might hold if it is a private library.
    But in the U.S. state that I am in, you can't be excluded from one if public money was spent on it. I've seen the specific statute on that one. You'll have to check that locally.

    Again, check, check, check ad nauseum. Get the data, then decide.


  • Seven


    But, for those of us whose family are still JW's, it's a very real possibility. If I were to die tomorrow, I am sure my family would insist upon the JW formulaic services, even if they knew I did not want to go out that way. It makes me sick to think of it.

    Over six months ago I sat down with my attorney and "got my affairs in order." I've named a close friend as executor to my estate, made the funeral arrangements(prepaid), bought the cemetery plot, headstone-even wrote my own talk and selected the person who will give
    it(including one alternate). I've made arrangements for a post funeral
    meal/party to be held at my favorite restaurant. I know this all might
    sound morbid for someone who was 25 years old at the time but I don't think it's wrong to want a good send off. I selected the music and readings I want,that meant something to me during my life. Being a business owner, upon my death, that portion of my estate goes to my partners. I've made some provisions for my family, I hope they're content with that. It's more than I could ever expect from them. I want nothing to go to the WTS, if they choose to, it's out of their own stupidity.

    The cost of making these arrangements is well worth the peace of mind.

  • Tina

    What a smart and savvy lady you are!!!! Good show!
    Believe me,25 is not too young to think ahead. I was 25 when disaster hit my life . I commend you for your mature foresight!,warm regards,Tina

  • expatbrit

    Seven: good for you. It's never too early to get your affairs in order.

    Tina: really sorry to hear about your husband. My sympathies to you, and admiration for the strength you've shown.

    Zazu: yes, it's just a matter of an amendment, to be discussed with the lawyer who did my original will. My wife is generally very level-headed. I don't think she would do something stupid like giving everything to the WT. But I wouldn't put it past the jackals to try and take advantage of her in the difficult circumstances. Doing this will be an additional safeguard.

    Now, another suplemental question: obviously I will have to tell my wife what I'm doing. Therefore, there is a (small) chance that the thought-police could hear of it. How likely is it that they would use this as grounds to forcibly DA me?

    I think that it would depend on whether they viewed me as an apostate or merely a spiritually weak (and therefore reclaimable) "one".


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