Baker misses opertunity re no part of this world

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  • Diogenesister
    Why did disfellowshipped ex elder Baker not explain why the Elders have not informed themselves about the Royal Commission ? Mr Stewart gave him the opertunity to explain the "no part of this world" doctrine, he merely expressed surprise that they had not informed themselves as if it were a personal foible of those particular elders. It would have been a great opertunity to express disgust at the distain and uncaring attitude the Society exhibits toward its worldly neighbours, I also believe him to be out of date re superior authority doctrine creedence to the lie the JW's are good and productive members of society.
  • Ozman
    I agree...Mr Baker wasn't the star witness i was hoping for
  • Mephis

    Because, as he said himself, "I'm indoctrinated with my beliefs". Hope one day he can question them a little more. It will be a real shock for him, born-in, rode out 75, did Bethel, df'd in the early 90s whilst PO. And just buried it ever since. I can relate to aspects of that. But what he did do is put a human face onto things, and he showed up the elders inside who evade questions by doing his darndest to be informed about the commission, by reviewing his evidence and memory, and disclosing without trying to conceal. And expressing regret he hadn't chased up his concerns about the daughters of the abuser.

    There was a basic humanity to Mr.Baker which was lacking in those still in, those still checking their conscience to one side because the WBTS tells them too. The very act of reaching out to the survivor spoke volumes against men who wouldn't even read her statement if counsel doesn't force them to. And those men are not strangers like Monty Baker, but people who've known her since childhood.

  • username
    I have a suspicion this guy has been pressured into giving his false statement of events. He did say he was disfellowshipped so I wonder if the heavies actually blackmailed him into a corner!
  • OrphanCrow
    Mephis: And those men are not strangers like Monty Baker, but people who've known her since childhood.

    Who didn't even flinch when being told, supposedly, for the first time right there on the stand, that BCG had attempted suicide.

    "Nope, Don't recall."

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