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    "By their fruits shall ye recognize them": this paleo-semitic thinking, is as every bit an axiomatic statement about evidence collection as the hellenic system so pervasive in western society today. "Watch out for wolves in sheep's covering", is also a feature which should evidence itself in a Christian's nature. One could therefore argue that the fruits of any plant, person or group is solely dependant upon its roots. The roots of the Watcher Corporation is found in Russell's occultism. The gnostic FreeMason tradition is embodied in the teachings of at least two of Pennsylvania's famous residents, C.T.Russell and Joseph Smith. This is why some have observed the doctrinal similarity of Mormonism and Russellism.

    Corporatization of any Christian community should arouse as much suspicion as a sheep's fleece powered by four hairy paws. Thus it is that C.T. Russell's incorporation of an ostensibly Christian cause in 1884 should have aroused the suspicions of Christian men to the possibilty that a hoax was afoot. For every corporation, public or private, serves as a shield for the benefit of its creator (s). Private corporations, especially, protects its creator from even more scrutiny. But what is it that "Pastor" Russell wanted to hide? And what is it that susequent corporate WTS presidents still wish to conceal? The fruits of watchtowerdom are myriad and have already been well-documented by others. By examining the roots of the Watcher Organization perhaps one can comprehend why Watcher fruitage is the way it is.

    Charlie Russell was born in 1852 in Pennsylvania, an area noted for the toleration of religious plurality and strong gnostic(occultic) traditions. As an infant, Charlie's mom read him scripture and inculcated within him her Presbyterian religiosity. Little wonder Charlie later believed he was ordained by God for some special assignment! An intelligent youth, C.T. became an active partner in his father's Haberdashery business at 15 years old. And it was during these teen years, as a 16-17 year old, that C.T. became disillusioned with Christianity and lost faith in God and the bible. "I do not believe [God] gave the bible as His revelation...", he stated: This would at least identify Russell as a deist, but not content he examined pagan beliefs. Culling away Asian belief systems including Judaism and Islam he latched onto the European secret religion of Freemasonry. Freemasonry is strongly occultic and captured the imagination of the impressionable young Russell.. Fortunately, he didn't have to travel afar for Pennsylvania afforded him the opportunity to learn the mystical secrets of the kabbalah, hermeticism, alchemy, rosicrucianism, magical arts, and Illuminism as part of Freemasonry. Nineteenth century America witnessed a proliferation of religious activity. Many, such as Darby, Joseph Smith, Helen White, Mary Baker,, were recipients of European money to advance their respective crusades.

    The good folk in Europe and New York who were eagerly dispensing funds wanted, amongst other things, to produce ever more division and schism within Christendom for the purpose of undermining, discrediting toward the elimination of Christianity. Illuminism in particular, as the creation of The Nine Masters, is a secret society within the secret society of Freemasonry; these anti-semitic Ashkenazi Synarchists want 'to destroy Christianity by adopting Christianity'. So Russell's famous contradiction during a discourse to Masons when he stated ," I am a Mason " and again, "I'm not a Mason" was not figurative speech, as some Russell apologists claim, but it was coded speech to fellow Freemason/Illuminists identifying himself to them as much as the secret masonic handshake and rituals, which he admitted knowing, would. Illuminists were, and are, Internationalists, globalists; workers for a new system of things, a new world order. C.T. quietly adopted this European religion and its occultic agenda circa 1868-1870.

    So, for the disillusioned 17-18 year old C.T. Russell, Illuminism held great fascination and many secrets. According to John Robison Illuminism is an "accessory to FreeMasonry". Illuminism is pagan occultic. It's prime objective is the re-introduction of a golden age, to how things were in the pre-flood world, where demons were Watchers, and caretakers of the violence which filled the earth. Hermetic notions embrace the capless Giza pyramid as a symbol of an unfinished work, but Freemasonry incorporates the seeing-eye capstone on top of the pyramid ( as seen on the back of a US one dollar bill) as a symbol that a few at the top understand the hidden agenda while the masses below don't. Wonder why Russell adopted the pyramid as a symbol of his "stone witness' or second bible? Pyramidology was and is satanic: Russell said,"A truth represented by Satan himself is just as true as a truth stated by God". Pyramidology is linked to the zodiac and Russell's 1914 had occultic significance. Russell said, "When Uranus and Jupiter meet in the humane sign of Aquarius in 1914 the long-promised era will have made a fair start in the work of setting man free to work out his own salvation and will ensure the ultimate realization of DREAMS and IDEALS of all the POETS and SAGES in history[emphasis mine]". These aforementioned thoughts are peculiarly gnostic, occultic, freemasonic. The poets and sages who relished these ideals and dreams were Freemasons or Illuminists working for the realization of a one-world Luciferian Kingdom. And 1914 was a date pre-determined by the European Plutocrats to commence another global conflict. Another Illuminist symbol was the lighthouse-Watch-Tower which Russell depicted on his magazine. The lighthouse was a beacon of Illumination amidst a sea of chaos("ordo ab chaos"--another Illuminist motto). Another symbol was the Rosicrucian Cross and Crown, representing eclectic masonry which allowed him to judiciously select doctrine while simultaneously claiming to represent the only true form of Christianity. Russell's 1884 corporate seal borrows desert imagery from another masonic group, The Ancient Arabic Order of the Mystical Shrine. While radically altered, the present day watchtower magazine has a watchtower masthead subliminally reminding readers of its Illuminist connections.

    In 1843 Scottish Rite Freemasonry created the B'nai B'rith in the US for the convenience of its 'Jewish' mason members. It was B'nai B'rith funds funnelled through W.Conley that allowed him to become president of the unincorporated Zions Watch Tower & Tract Society with Russell as secretary in 1881. Conley was director of the Third National Bank of Allegheny and Russell's Illuminist overseer until he later allowed Russell to incorporate in 1884 with Russell as president and Conley disappeared. The dates of 1881 and 1884 are significant in Illuminism/Freemasonry. 1881 is linked to the myths of the sun-disc which symbols he employed in his literature, and Russell preached that the saints would ascend in 1881 and later ammended it to 1883. (2003 might be a significant date in forthcoming WTS predictions: 1883+120=2003). 1884 also saw the Quator Coronati Lodge come into existence along with its Temple Mount Project through which Russell saw his claims that Jews would return to Palestine and his doctrine of Christian Zionism crystalize. And zionism is still a feature in Russellite offshoot groups and WTS exegesis. Now, the political tool of Illuminism is Socialism. But Socialism is a collection of four philosophies, Communism at one end and Capitalism at the other; below Capitalism sits Fascism and above Communism sits Naziism (nazziism and fascism are virtually indistinguishable). Russell's preference was obviously fascism, or corporate power, but note his statement," We see that Socialism, or WHATEVER the NEW ORDER may be called, will not and can not be the rule of the common or ignorant masses, but the leadership of the very highest developed members of the human family [emphasis mine]". This elitist comment might be Marxist, but it's definitely seen frequently in Illuminist/Occultic writings, as is The New World Order, New Order, or New System. Russell and Rutherford's socialist leanings might be further evidenced in their respective sympathies toward Hohenzollern's imperialism and Hilter's nazzism. Many have made the comparison that the manner of control or authortiy within the corporate WTS and its religious affairs is communist or totalitarian.

    Pyramidology and zodiac myths are extensive as are the exploits of the pre-flood gods and demi-gods.Now the sun disc is an occult symbol of a regular intruder comet, which some say is Nibiru. The myths of a destructive comet exists in many tribes. The Egyptian and Babylonians believed this comet comes via the Orion and The Pleiades(Taurus) constellations. The occult myths says that Atlas' seven daughters were placed in The Pleiades by Aeolus to hide them from Orion, but Russell expanded the myth to claim that Adonai resided on Alcyone in The Pleiades. Atlas is supposedly the brother of Prometheus and as Titans, were the sons of Uranus and Gaea. Thus Russell wove occult tales into his pagan theology which he labelled, 'Christian'. And Russell's clandestine occultism might be seen in the groups that spawned after Rutherford's corporate coup d'etat:- the Institute of Pyramidology; Watchers of the Morning; and The Servants of Yah, who claimed that Satan was Jehovah. The latter is peculiarly gnostic FreeMason Luciferianism.

    During the period of 1881-1916 huge amounts of money flowed into Russell's coffers through his largely unknown companies such as Tower Publishing, Peoples Pulpit and an Investment company (American Investment Corp?). Russell's watchtower corp eventually found itself headquartered in America's financial capital, New York. Russell travelled extensively while his business empire expanded. But on Halloween of 1916 his reign ended. Notwithstanding Russell's wishes contained in his Will that certain 'Jewish' elements within his Illuminist corporation assume conrol of the corporation after his demise another more feral Illuminist loyalist was ordered by The Illuminist Sanhedrin to sieze control: Enter Yoseph Rutherford. Both Russell and Rutherford were Germanophiles who believed that Teutonic powers would rule the world. Russell's 1914 had more to do with occultic foreknowledge that a world conflict would erupt by design and Kaiser's Germany would be victorious( Russell obtained this information from his Occult-Illuminist handlers late in 1870). Rutherford believed similarly to Russell, and he later foreknew an alien invasion of America and built a bomb shelter in San Diego called Beth Shan. Rutherford knew this well before Pearl Harbor of 1941 and maybe as far back as 1926 when in a Golden Age article he said" the NEXT war...poison and explosion..beneath the heavens" The idea of three world wars is in the works of 19th century Scottish Rite Freemasonic Palladin, General Albert Pike. Rutherford's commentaries were clearly pro-German up to the mid-1930's. While it was hardly incorporated into open watch-tower theology Rutherford believed in an Illuminist/Freemason plot by the "commercial Jews of Europe and an Anglo-American-Catholic heirarchy conspiracy" which the rank and file religious members were never fully privy to.

    "Jewish" as used here is an oxymoron, a misnomer for it misidentifies; but the individuals involved have an agenda similar to how the Revelation identifies certain Jews as of Satan's synagogue(i.e they're Jews but they're not Jews). (e.g. today in Israel almost everyone knows that the semitic Sephardic Jews and semitic Palestinians are oppressed by the numerically larger anti-semitic Ashkenazi 'Jews'). The Ashkenazi 'Jewish' Khazar Germanophiles have remained at the helm of the occult Watcher corporation. Knorr, Franz, Henshcell, Schroder and Jaracz have all understood the Illuminist agenda for a brave new world order or as the rank and file know it, a new system of things. This corporate Watcher is a Christian pretender while working for the destruction of Christianity. Its magazine's masthead is a subliminal reminder that it serves pagan Masters found today in well-known organizations throughout the world, including the UN. This corporate Watcher has been handsomely rewarded in ways which might disgust its religious membership; real estate, stocks, bonds, trusts and cash to the tune of billions of dollars. When not pursuing its anti-Christian agenda the fascist WTS corporate juggeranut is all about Mammon worship; for the rank and file it's all about Teraphim worship, worship by the membership of a domestic Watcher-god.

    Thus modern Watcher (Watch Tower) bad fruits are simply the result, not of any Christian roots, but its occultic pagan roots. There is no mystery to the religious agenda of the Watcher corporations.

    The Blackguard

  • unclebruce

    Thus modern Watcher (Watch Tower) bad fruits are simply the result, not of any Christian roots, but its occultic pagan roots. There is no mystery to the religious agenda of the Watcher corporations.

    The Blackguard

    beg to differ blackguard,

    I hope i got this right (I'm speed reading this morning so i've had to 'cut to your chase'.)

    Even a cursory reading of history reveals all things "christian" have their origin amoungst the myths and rites of "pagan/heathen" cultures of the ancient world. So in that sense the WBTS is little different to every other american bible cult. The Watchtower agenda is a simple one - recruit, expand .. follow .. baaaaah ... head down, bum up .. ewe in front .. baaaa .. wanna live forever on a paradise erf? ...baaa...wanna a big god to solve all your problems? ... baaa .. stop worrying .. we've done all ya thinking for ya .. here read this ... .. baaaaaa


    ps: I have it on good authority there are no reptilian aliens breeding in Brooklyn headquarters, no freemasons shaking digits in the mensroom (worse luck :(

  • czarofmischief



    You make a lot of statements that lack evidence. What you just wrote is the synopsis of a an entire book. Provide backup evidence for your conclusions.

    I agree that Russell liked pyramids (I've seen his grave) and that Rutherford loved the Germans until they spurned him, so he then loved the Allies.

    Revelation does predict a great mountain falling into the sea.

    I just don't understand what this is supposed to mean for me. Should we support the freemason plot to take over the world? Is it really such a ;bad idea? I mean, if we could avoid war and messiness and starvation, that'd be a good thing, right?


  • unclebruce

    dear blackguard,

    was this post original? ie: entirely your own work?

    unclebruce (who presumptiously presumed you'd provided 'meat without the sauce' and responded accordingly)

    ps: plagurism is generally viewed as poor form here

  • Dia

    Blackguard, who are you?

    And how are you privy to the knowledge that you have about the WTS?

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  • Mum

    Welcome to the board, blackguard.

    I personally can't picture C.T. Russell as such a researcher/scholar as he is depicted in your post. He was a haberdasher, a bookkeeper, an accountant. Barbara Grizzuti Harrison, in her book entitled Visions of Glory: a History and a Memory of the Jehovah's Witnesses actually makes a good case for Russell's having turned accounting into a religion by measuring pyramids, counting days/years from Daniel's prophecy, and other numeric manipulations.

    People who start religious cults are rarely, possibly never, serious, scholarly or deep -- just good businessmen and self promoters (IMHO).

    That's my $.02.


  • jurs

    Hi Blackguard and WELCOME to the forum!!!!

    Your post was very interesting. I know next to nothing about masons but now I am quite curious. My husbands grandfather was a mason and I just can't picture him being involved in a occultish organization. I did hear that Russell was influenced perhaps by masonry but his comments on astrology shocked me. Where did you read those statements? Where did you find all this information?

    I see that your a newbie . How did you get involved with the JW's ?

    looking forward to more of your posts.


  • blackguard

    Hi guys, and thanks for the welcoming comments. Czarofmischief: I don't know what to tell you about what this information means for you. Dia: I've noticed that there are other Posters on this forum that write similarly. Presumably they've gleaned their information from the same sources I have. My e.mail address should be listed if you need further assistance to locate it. Mum: You're right---that Russell had to revise his pyramid calculations is at least suggestive he wasn't good with numbers; he was more of the charismatic type. jurs: There are a bunch of Posters here that probably can articulate how the world is really structured better than I can. I'm not sure how I can assist people here other than this post. and I tend toward seeing life in terms of practically helping people. And Masonry is not an easy subject to explain in one breath. unclebruce: you're cute. I don't know if "plagurism" is a sheep disease you have. In your first reply there was an awful lot of "baaaa-ing" going on---was a large ram having his way with you when you wrote? We've heard a lot of strange tales about sheep and Ozzies. Perhaps you meant 'plagiarism'?

  • PopeOfEruke


    I liked your article. It didn't beat about the bush.....I know a lot of the mature poster pooh-pooh this type of material but I think there is a LOT more to it than we currently know or want to acknowledge.....

    Reading about Russell reminds me of the hint that Hannibal Lecter gave Clarice Starling when she was hunting Buffalo Bill : "Doesn't it seem too perfectly random to you Clarice?". He was referring to the way that the murder victims bodies were dumped, seemingly in a randon fashion.

    I think Russell carefully cultivated his image to the outside world yet privately worked away on his own Agenda. I mean, how did the Rosicrucion Cross make it on the cover of the WT? Just an accident? Things don't happen by accident at this level of con/money-making/business/whatever that Russell was doing.

    Please stick around, Black. BTW you ever read the book Jack of Shadows?


  • Satanus

    Russel and the wt were/are certainly weapons to destroy christianity, destroy positive spirituality. Documentation would be interesting, especially about russel's banker/mentor.


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