Rodney Spinks Lies...

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  • iwasblind

    Hi Johnamos

    Nicely cherrypicked scriptures. There is a danger in applying 1 scripture literally without a proper context.

    Remember Pauls letters are written to the congregations - not elders only. He was warning people to watch out who they associate with - no shunning is defined here in the deformed way it is practised in the JW faith.

    Mat 18 - there is no Judicial committee here formed by a body of elders. Congregations were small and thus handled in a very different way. How does this relate in any way to the way a Judicial committee is run. Where here does it say you can disfellowship a person because they were repentant in a "wordly way" but not a "godly way". Were does it say here that you ask a person how many times they had sex with another person to identify if they are really repentant. If you look at verse 22, do we apply the 77 times literally also?

    1 Cor 5 - in the very next book Paul says to welcome him back in. Again in no way supports how we handle cases like these and how we treat "sinners".

    2 John - is talking about the anti-christ not other sins. Of course we would not want to associate with them, but we can still treat another human with dignity. Again no judicial process is here mentioned.

    2 Thess 3 - yes it is obvious that if a friend gets drunk and starts smashing your house you would remove him right? Same applies here - but notice vs 15 - And yet do not consider him an enemy, but continue admonishing him as a brother - hmmm - can't see shunning here either?

    Rom 16 - yes if you had a group of any sort meet at your house and you had a person causing troubles and divisions you would avoid them also. But avoiding is not shunning. No elders are involved, no committees, etc.

    So far I cannot see proper scriptural support for the way JW's handle committee cases.

    I understand the need to watch out for people who could influence you but that applies to our general daily lives. You could apply that to a circle of friends.

  • iwasblind

    Hi OrphanCow

    The way the organization applies them is wrong. It creates fear in the congregations and allows elders to go on power trips (if they are inclined that way).

    Yes there is a provision for the 2 witness rule but there were no branches in the first century. It was up the congregation as a whole to look after each other.

    They always bang on about Paul going to Jerusalem to meet the Governing Body. That is also rubbish. He met the elders, the reason he met with the elders in Jerusalem is it was a Jewish problem. Circumcision was causing a huge divide in the brotherhood and it needed the consensus of the mature ones in Jerusalem to pacify all Jews around the world at the time.

    There is no evidence that the "Governing Body" sent letters about every single detail of life, or even had any control at all.

    So take our structure away from it and the 2 witness rule had nothing to do with 7 men in NY or a man made branch, or a CO or DO.

  • stuckinarut2

    And Vin Toole lied when he said "I've never heard of the term 'theocratic warfare'"

    And Terry Obrien was untruthful when he said "people are free to leave or become inactive without being viewed negatively"

    We all know the truth behind those expressions and the reality of that practice!

  • possum
    stuckinarut28 minutes ago

    And Vin Toole lied when he said "I've never heard of the term 'theocratic warfare'"

    And Terry Obrien was untruthful when he said "people are free to leave or become inactive without being viewed negatively"

    Perfect examples of theocratic warfare inaction!!!!!

  • Closer to Fine
    Closer to Fine

    Watching Rodney Spinks I couldnt stop thinking about how he reminded me of Dr. Frederick Chilton in The Silence of the Lambs. He was the warden/doctor/preacher that was trying to rehabilitate Dr. Lechter.

  • joe134cd

    And Terry Obrien was untruthful when he said "people are free to leave or become inactive without being viewed negatively"

    I can confidently say from personal experience that the above statement is a lie. I know when I became inactive I was told by some on my face book that they would delet me because I was not going to the meetings (btw I never mentioned the reason why I left). I've had JWs walk past me on the street with out so much as an acknowledgement, and I'm not even DFed.Sorry terry you are either a liar or deluded if you think that you can become inactive with out being viewed negatively.
  • possum

    Same here. even the word inactive is used on the inside in a derogatory way as weakness/lack of faith or laziness.

    Publishers will go to any lengths to get even just a tiny amount of time to stop being labeled inactive.

  • smiddy

    That elder who said a victim could confide with a woman (sister) was lying through his teeth.The victim would be accused of gossiping and a trouble maker then df .


  • daringhart13

    For all those that have seen the arrogant attitudes of elders their entire life.....How FUN is it to watch this guy squirm?????

    He keeps trying to speak in circles and it doesn't work......thinking, educated people just look at him and tell him 'no'......

    Cult. For lurking JW's..... please plug your brain back in. Listen to this guy talking in circles and how the Judge and attorney just unravel him.

  • Tornintwo
    Cult. For lurking JW's..... please plug your brain back in.

    hahahaha brilliant

    These elders have been obstructive to the commissions goal of improving protection for children, which is unforgivable. uncooperative, pedantic, slippery, untruthful, unbelievably (lit) forgetful, not a good advert for 'the most honest people on earth! '

    re. Iwasblinds points about Paul, he wasn't sent forth by the governing body, his ministry areas weren't assigned by the GB, he didn't ask permission or training from them to fulfil his Christian commission. A serious dispute arose which was threatening unity between Gentiles and Jews, unique to its times really considering they had just left such a detailed set of laws, and so the apostles and elders put their heads together on it, but they certainly didn't micromanage every aspect of Christian lives.

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