Jehovah's Witnesses "Handling Child Abuse Matters" flowchart

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  • Heaven

    half banana said: They do not take human needs seriously.

    Well said hb. I really do not think Botchtower actually knows what encompasses all human needs. They clearly demonstrate an ass-backward model in that they place spirituality above all other needs which is utterly ridiculous and untrue.

  • paradisebeauty

    All they care is their imge. They don't care about people at all.

  • AudeSapere

    A very basic problem with JW handling of abuse is that the org as a whole views Child Sexual Assault as a sin, not a crime.

    I wonder on an *individual* level, how the R&F vs elders vs higher-level JWs view it personally...?????

    If something is a simple 'sin', then it makes sense to not involve the police. But any physical assault IS a crime. And sexual assault on a child, is a major and serious crime. In fact, "Sexual Assault of a Child is, in most cases, a Second Degree Felony. Aggravated Sexual Assault (child under age 14) is, in most cases, a First Degree Felony." []

    There is no justifiable excuse ANYWHERE, ANYHOW to not report this type of criminal assault to professionally-trained authorities.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    That Royal Commission is fantastic! Thanks jwleaks, you live up to your name.

    Is there a better copy available???


  • Tornintwo

    This document is on the website of the royal commission with accompanying notes and many other confidential society letters tee hee hee:,-july-2015,-sydney

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Tornintwo, can you give us a link directly to the specific PDF where that file can be found? There's a lot of documents one would have to plow through.
  • Mephis

    The document id for the file is in the top right hand corner. (WAT.0012.001.0013) It's dated 29 October 1997, and has some related notes with it.

  • Tornintwo
    Well done Mephis, beat me to it
  • Tornintwo

    This mandatory reporting business is driving me crazy, so much emphasis on if you have to report by law or not.

    where's the common sense? Where's the humanity? What kind of state would society be in if nobody ever reported a crime unless they were required by law to do so?

    People shouldn't have to be forced to report a person who is clearly a danger to children!!! Nobody should be looking for an excuse to allow a child abuser to go unchecked and unpunished by the authorities which btw 'were placed in their relative positions by God".

    shame on any elder who's ever avoided his moral obligation to report such a monster, shame on wt society for actively discouraging elders from doing so.

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