Question. Was Terrence O’Brien's & Rodney Spink's testimony Perjury?

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  • Lemonp

    If you have not seen today's testimony from the head of the Australia Branch, Here is a link showing the reaction of the Commission when he is caught lying about what Geoffrey Jackson does:


    As we know, the things claimed by the previous witnesses are not true regarding the amount of control the GB has.

    Do their lies amount to Perjury?

    Anyone have any legal background to help us out?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    I don't have a legal background, but I would say that if it was the intent to deceive the RC wrt Jackson and the GB's roles, that is indeed perjury. It would be up to the RC however to prove their intent to deceive and to further pursue the matter.
    So Young Geoffrey doing a scadaddle out of OZ would seem ...........out of place to say the least!
  • Vidiot
    I am simultaneously gobsmacked that he's stayed, and flabbergasted that he hasn't.
  • umbertoecho

    Surely today it was established that the GB, which includes Jackson are the ones at the very top, sitting just to the right of God.......and Jesus has had no move over?

    This "power" was established today when Stewart called the last witness " as deliberately misleading the royal commission" To which the witness said no, then Angus said yes, then the witness said no, and Angus said yes...................

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