November 2015 magazine covers

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  • FreeGirl2006
    How appropriate that they are talking about loving your neighbor given the RC nailing them for not caring that they unleash JW molesters onto the "worldly" neighbors with nary a care!
  • JustVisting
    "Tacking" their way into paradise.
  • freemindfade
    Religion perhaps. Dangerous cults seem to be doing ok lol
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I think the Awake looks like the inside of an Australian Kingdumb Haul!

    And the boat on the WT cover looks like Australian JWs shipping out for someplace that will allow them to keep hiding pedofreaks in the cult.

  • zimunzucz

    I got all excited about the study article on the cover -loving your neighbor as yourself- but my excitement was dashed as I read it- nothing has changed.

    Loving your neighbor, only means sharing the hope of Jehoovers kingdom with a worldly person . NOT, shoveling the snow off his sidewalk, not raking his leaves, not offering to help help paint his garage door, not taking over a hot meal, because they were sick- nosiree--physically helping worldly people might make you sympathetic and they might invite you over for a barbecue where you can mingle with other normal people- can't have that happen. You would find out just how happy the other side is, not being a JW.

    Actually, JWs will seldom work their own neighborhood- nope, they work a territory where nobody knows them. They can't risk having anybody come over to their house the next day and ask them to volunteer on a habitat for humanity house with their church group or maybe ask them to donate canned goods for their church's food pantry. Nope, as I tell JWs all the time, "you JWs are social parasites= you suck all the free stuff you can from the world and you give nothing back to the community"

  • wifibandit
  • wifibandit

    I'm not sure why the thread booted my first images....

    Maybe it will like these better?

  • Jay Elle
  • sir82
    That first Awake cover looks almost exactly like our Kingdom Hall during a Tuesday meeting. Attendance is frequently below 80, sometimes below 60, in a congregation of 110+. Oh, and of those 60 or 80, 20 or so are listening on the phone, so in the auditorium there are 40-60.
  • coalize

    In the JW-mind, "religion" = "Catholic roman church in occidental rich countries "...

    Because, to ask the question "Is religion dying out ?", you have to choose to don't take in count :

    - almost all facts about Islam

    - almost all the facts obout asiatics religions

    - almost all the facts about catholic, protestants and evangelical success in south america and Africa...

    - almost all the facts about orthodox churches in eastern-europe and western-Russia

    - and a lot of another facts

    In fact, all that in mind, When you ask the question "Is religion dying out ?", you ask in fact "Is MY religion dying out ?"

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