Will there be a Service Meeting part on how to handle sex abuse questions?

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  • Zoos

    Every week there is some sort of demonstration on how to offer the latest magazines or monthly offer.

    Will HQ prepare the flock for the inevitable flood a questions about the abuse scandal or will the poor sheep be left to navigate that field on their own?

  • StrongHaiku
    If they put together a part for the Service Meeting more people may realize that this is a real problem and that the Organization is acknowledging a problem. If they don't do a part, elders will get fielded with these questions as they happen. I believe it will be the latter and not the former. What I imagine the Organization doing is putting together some talking points so that the elders can discuss these with the R&F on a need-to-know basis.
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Dear Brothers,

    We at Bethel send our love to you faithful brothers and sisters. You have followed the Theocratic strategy not to rat out the Organization on the subject of Child Abuse within the congregations. The current hearings by the Australian Royal Commission may bring the subject to mind in local householders. We recommend that you avoid the subject at all costs. If they bring it up, turn to the side and say loudly and very excitedly, "did you see the rabbit?!!!!!"

    This should distract the householder long enough to give him a tract and run!

    Your Brothers in Bethel,

    The Governing Droolers.

  • Ding

    Householder: "What's all this I've been hearing about the Watchtower organization covering up sexual abuse of children by pedophiles in their midst?"

    JW: "There's no truth to that at all. Those are just apostate lies."

    Householder: "Oh, okay. Never mind then. I'll take your magazines, and please sign me up for one of those free home Bible studies as well."

    End of demonstration...

  • Crazyguy
    Apparently at my hall there was a talking about not being alone with ones and other issue's related to pedophilia. Of course their paint the picture that their being proactive.
  • Zoos
    I guess it is a bit of a rock and a hard place. They can't broach the subject without looking guilty, but if they say nothing a lot of people are going to get railroaded out in the ministry.
  • sparrowdown
    They couldn't care less if people get ambushed with accusations in the ministry. Just direct them to the lovely, happy, shiny website, to see the real JWs.
  • OzGirl

    I've already said to somebody at the hall they need to have an answer ready for this question at the doors.

    "How does the two witness rule protect children?"

    Deer in the headlights look

  • Finkelstein

    Yes , the tittle of the talk is " Shut up and call the lawyers ".

  • JustVisting
    They would not do that because the direction is to not repeat "false reports" as to not stumble others. Besides, news from Australia rarely makes the network news in the US anyway. WT is counting on the R&F being what is termed "low information" types oblivious to current events.

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