What direction will the government take from the Royal Commission?

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  • barry

    I have a friend at church that is a lawyer and he writes laws for the governments health department.

    I asked him what the government will do with the directions of the Royal Commission? He believes Australian laws are already adequate and there will be no change in that area. He added where we may see changes is in the area of compensation and that millions of dollars in compensation may be replaced with with tens of millions by guilty organisations.

    These changes alone are enough to cause the adjustments guilty organisations need to comply with existing laws or be bankrupted out of business.

    Cases from past decisions where compensation was paid will be reexamined to see if more funding should be paid to the victim. My friend was slightly sympathetic to the plight of the JW position because he wasn't familiar with the problems regarding the JW policies.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Cool! Money talks, right?!! WT does not like losing money, and if the word gets around Australia Witnessville, the WT will be made to comply!
  • NewYork44M

    I wonder if there will be any discussion about removing their not-for-profit status?

  • Lemonp

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