REMINDER: Monday, Aug. 3rd. 9 P.M. EST, ID DISCOVERY - New story about JW Robert Bryant

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  • AndersonsInfo

    ID Discovery Series “Deadly Devotion”

    Read about it at:

    Title: Witness to Murder – First in the Deadly Devotion series

    Janet Bryant is a loving mother of four and a dedicated Jehovah's Witness. With her husband Robert by her side, she's raising her children to be devoted members, as well. No one would suspect her family to be in the middle of a modern day tragedy.

    August 3, 2015
    Monday, 9 P. M. EST

    August, 4, 2015
    Tuesday, 12 A.M. EST

    August 8, 2015
    Saturday, 1 P.M. EST

    Please check your local listings for the Investigation Discovery Channel

  • stillin

    Wish I could watch. I always wonder, if the Witnesses are accurately portrayed, what the source was for the film maker to be well-informed. And if there are inaccuracies, I'm still entertained by the ignorance.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

  • ILoveTTATT2
    I am going to watch it... the replay at 12AM EST
  • SlipnSlide
    Great episode, Barbara!
  • ILoveTTATT2
    Barbara, did you by chance record it? I sooo want to see it... but it seems that my "Investigation Discovery" is different... I am in Mexico.
  • ILoveTTATT2
  • ILoveTTATT2

    I wanted to point out something, Barbara:

    The show seems to imply that his disfellowshipping was more because he questioned the sexual abuse policies, and not because he thought he was anointed.

    Possibly the fact that he thought he was anointed contributed to the murder-suicide.

    In the interview with Sharon, that experience he had where he saw Jesus makes you question his sanity.

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