The Beginning of the End

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  • Seven

    The future is now. The internet has made recruiting an uphill battle. Like Zep said:re-invent or die.[/b] The window of opportunity for true reform with it's membership still intact is getting smaller with each click of the mouse. I think weare the new witness mentality-and they are watching to see who's going to blink first.

    [i]Don't squat with your spurs on.

  • RayfordSteele

    'Ya all are missing a big problem. The internet is largely still a western, 1'st world thing. Not as much exposure in other parts of the world. The WTBTS will push into other countries and thrive there, if allowed in. The local population will confuse them with run-of-the-mill Christianity, and that'll put a big ole' black mark on all of us Christians.

  • waiting

    Hey, Ray,

    That's my opinion also. Third World countries are wide open area for the Society. A lot of other religions also feel that way - massive growth in Russia, etc.

    Computers are still in industrialized countries primarily, - but hopefully, people will talk. That's what most people do when they study with witnesses. If it takes, they also start to witness to others about the wonderful things they are learning. If they talk with someone who has a computer - then the chain reaction might be typing the name of Jehovah's Witnesses in Search.

    Perhaps that will change? In order for JW's to study with new persons (not computer oriented) they will encourage the study not to talk to others? Lest they should talk to someone with a computer? Make it an undercover Bible Study? Probably would appeal to the secretive nature of a lot of people.

    I think that the average JW will probably stay, but hours in service will drop. After all, if we're going to get old, we better start worrying about Social Security, etc. A lot of us have had low paying jobs or been self-employed all of our lives. Growing old in this system wasn't a reality. Now it seems to be.......

  • Andyman

    Yes I agree that 3rd world countries will grow, but they don't have the money that the industrialized nations do, so that will hurt the society where it hurts most, the pocket book!

    They will have to come up with something more mainline to keep the present JW's from dropping away. Like 7 said every click of the mouse make the society a little bit smaller!

    Take care.


  • waiting

    Hey, Andy,

    The Society has tradionally targeted the poor people. Those are the ones who are "looking" for something better. The life they are in now has little promise. When going door-to-door, we always had much more success in poor neighborhoods.

    Some car groups in our area would drive around in poor neighborhoods, not getting out of the car, offering magazines to walking people. However, they only did this on the Sat. mornings after the Welfare checks were cashed so they could get payment for the magazines, etc.

    With the "simplified literature contribution" system, the poor publishers will still pay for their literature. No matter what country they reside in. Business as usual for the last century.

  • Andyman

    Hi Waiting;

    I agree that the society targets the poor, and that they are looking for a better life. But I think that even the poor, people on welfare, etc. in the U.S. are making more money than those in third world countries.

    I was talking with someone on another board from a latin America country that just recently went to the "donataion" arragement. They made the comment that the publishers thought they wouldn't have to "pay" for the magzines any more, and when they found out they had to not only "pay" up front, but return all "donations" it caused a pretty big uproar.

    I know that in most congregations in the U.S. there are heavier contirubtors than the third world countries. I have seen brothers who have stacks of magazines in their box for field service. Now I don't really think they place this many magazines, but it sure looks good when they are pushing for "elder" postions.

    I have heard that just in the last couple of years the society is cuttig costs because the money just isn't coming in like it used to. Now I may be wrong, but I am assuming that this is because of the drop in memebership from the more wealthy countries.

    I do think they will survive, but I think they will be cutting costs more and more in order to keep their present standards up.

    Take care.


  • Frenchy

    Just a side note here. A Circuit Overseer that I grew to respect once told me that the truest barometer of the sentiment of the congregation was the contribution box. He said that when the flock is happy and satisfied, they show it with contributions. When they are unhappy with the way thing are, they punish the powers that are by witholding contributions. I have observed this very closely over the years and you know, he was right!
    Perhaps the money crunch is not a drop in numbers as much as an attitude change.

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • waiting

    Hey Andy & Frenchy,

    I agree with you both (and myself). The thought about the barometer is insightful. I think its human nature to be willing to contribute to something you agree with, or are satisfied with.

    We get hit for contributions all the time at our store. We pick and choose - and we tend to choose what we: 1. agree with 2. has helped us 3. we think does good work.

    I would assume the same things apply to the Society.

  • nicolaou
    interested to hear from anyone who has viewpoints on what impact they think the internet is going to have on the WTBS say over the next 5 - 10 years

    The poster started this topic 7 years ago and it looks like most of the comments were pretty on the mark, if anything the internet has penetrated further into the third world and asia than anyone could've hoped for - except the Watchtower of course!

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