Another Elder has developed amnesia.

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  • umbertoecho

    The elder just being questioned is yet another sly manufacturer of deceit and the use of Theocratic Warfare.

    How can these men say the can't remember when it's their own letters, their own implemented policies. Hell, it's their own books and magazines the commission is using, along with internal letters etc

    Another dry mouth he sat up all alone and experienced first hand the faith building experience of ....speaking with a thick tongue as all his juices dried up........

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I am sorry to say that I might have a hard time remembering 26 years ago, but if I had my OWN letters in front of me!!!

    There is NO excuse when the notes are handed to you, right?

    When you cannot even comment on what is in black & white in front of you, that is mighty lame.... no "love" for the abused here.

  • OrphanCrow

    Those elders have been heavily coached as to what to say. The overlap between separate testimonies is marked.

    First off, they are all lying through their teeth that they didn't read BCG's statement. They sit up there on the stand and deny, deny, deny, Yet, they speak in glowing detail of all the love and support she had. They "thought of her like a daughter". While all along, all they were doing was ensuring she got married off - their idea of what would "cure" her.

    They had soooo much care and love for her. But Bowditch, and now de Rooy (I can't remember how the other two responded,) neither even flinch when they are told about her suicide attempt. They don't miss a beat - their answer is an immediate "No" And they show no emotion whatsoever when discussing her suicide attempt. Loving, caring elders, who, so they claim, were hearing of that right there, for the first time.

    They have all read everything given to them - why they are stumbling is they sometimes can't remember what they are supposed to say, or their brains can't follow a resonable line of questioning.

    I love how Stewart nailed his ass for not considering that listening to the testimony of Ali would make him no longer "objective"!

    Oh! And they all have played "the father" card. Right on cue.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Exactly OrphanCrow! I think that was a slip up by de Rooly when he said he watched part of that other elders testimony! Good thing they ARE dumb!
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I said this on another thread: Rooy says he was "sickened at what BCPerv did to his daughter as any father would be, BUT he can't remember what he was told" was done by BCPerv. He believed BCG when she said BCPerv did whatever he can't recall but couldn't act on because the Bible tells him not to. He, of course, was outraged by whatever it was. Would this make him more merciful than Jehovah who inspired the 2 witness rule? I bet you a million dollars he can remember eating hoagies at the conventions, now that's something memorable! Much more than the details of a child rape spoken in tears by a mother and her daughter to his face!
  • passwordprotected

    I'm watching Ron de Rooy's testimony now, and his memory is unbelievably bad, even the Justice seems to be stunned by his lack of recollection.

    However, even if an event of this nature happened 25+ years ago, I find it very odd that these men "can't recall" being told horrific allegations of incestuous abuse. Surely these would remain in your memory due to their shocking and upsetting nature.

  • passwordprotected

    de Rooy is now saying he was sickened by what BCG's father did to her, yet he's just said he can't remember what her allegations where.

    Busted, you lying piece of cult-worshipping crap.

  • punkofnice

    I look forward (sorta) to listening to this segment of the RC.

    The theocratic warfare(tm) card is being used ad infinitum.

    One of the RC blokes did point out to Mr Ali that the WBT$ rules are held as over riding the actual laws of the land (something like that).

    I really feel the RC people are on the ball as far as calling the WBT$ out on it's terrible laws and insane handling of child abuse.

  • respectful_observer
    How can these men say the can't remember when it's their own letters, their own implemented policies. Hell, it's their own books and magazines the commission is using, along with internal letters etc

    To give them the benefit of the doubt, they probably can't explain "1914" or the current understanding of "this generation" without printed help...and how many articles, talks, etc., have they heard or read over the years?

  • OrphanCrow

    Derooroo could remember some things.

    He couldn't remember anything about the first case he was asked about except what the case was about.

    It was for the disfellowshipping of a man who looked up skirts. Derooroo couldn't remember the guy's name or anything at all...except he did remember the "crime" itself.

    Yeah... what happened to BCG was "so disgusting" he couldn't remember what it was that digusted him. Just that he was disgusted, really disgusted.

    "Something about a shower and a door..." But that's all...just a shower and a door.

    Rooy was constantly tripping himself up. He would say he "couldn't recall" something but later, he would give details about what he couldn't recall.

    He claimed he had read none of the material submitted, yet when WT lawyer questioned him it was "Yes, yes" to remembering whatever the WT dude asked him.

    These elders have been so heavily coached that they have a hard time remembering what they are supposed to say. Their memories all of a sudden appear when they are being questioned by "the right guys".

    I thought that BCG's lawyer's manner of questioning deRooy was brilliant - she had him speaking goobblydegook at her - just like he would with any woman! He went on and on at one point talking in circles about nothing...and she just was quiet and let him hang himself. He got all pompous and bragging about all his "training" when she questioned him. His body language and voice changed - he was the "man" and she was the "woman". He groveled and simpered wwith Stewart but he rose to the occasion and spoke down to the woman lawyer (who was wearing slacks! - nice touch...).

    I can't get over how much "investigation" time the elders invest in the paedophile's behavior - constantly meeting with him, constantly engaged in "calling the branch" and discussing his child sex crimes with each other. How many hours did they spend in their pursuit of details about his crimes? How many hours did they question the perpetuator about what he had done?

    They admitted to questioning him over and over to "try to force a confession". And, DeRooy says that they "were confident" that "more would come to light". yeah...confident all right - confident that the paedophile would provide them with even more fodder for the child sex stories and incidents they could meet about and talk about together. That is why they wanted to put BCH back in the home - the elders would get a chance to hash out all the details of BCH's reoffending. Of course they were confident "more would come to light". Sick bastards.

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