How long was it for you?

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  • larc

    I was raised in it, got baptized at the age of 10 at my insistence. Hour talks at the age of 18, doubts at 19, pioneered two years, but the doubts didn't go away. Got married at 22, wife and I faded away together, totaly out by the age of 25. Moved out of town before they could take action. They never pursued the issue. Occasionaly see old Witness friends at funerals and they do talk to me. I guess after 35 years they have mellowed a little towards me. (I'm 60, if you didn't do the math - no not my IQ, my age)

  • neyank

    Hi expat,
    I got baptized in 1980.
    Left for a few years in 1987. (disfellowshipped)
    Because I really thought the WTS was Gods chosen org.,
    I went back and put myself thru a years worth of being
    ignored and was reinstated.
    I had some questions the elders couldn't answer so I
    started doing research looking for the answers.
    Found the answers in Ray Franz' books.
    Have been inactive for about 3 yrs. now.


  • dmouse

    I think about 26 years. My Mum became a JW when I was about 2, in 1963. So I was bought up as a Witness, baptised when 18. Married an elder's daughter when 22. Shunned my beloved sister when she was disfellowshipped - all the proper JW malarky. I even refused to let my 18 month old son have a blood transfusion when he was seriously ill and had to have an emergency operation. My faith was that strong. Then, when I was 28-ish I woke up and smelt what I was shovelling. The Society was lying through their teeth to us, I caught them out on numerous occasions. I tried to share this information with my wife but she just blocked me out. Now, I am inactive. I am not DA or DF and don't want to be - I keep a low profile because I know that my family will have to shun me if I ever am DF. I believe that if the society ever dropped the shunning rule then tens of thousands would just stick the finger up to them and leave. At the moment many are forced to stay because of family and fear of shunning.

    Oh and Farkel - I enjoy your posts and I know that H2O treated you badly but please show some respect for the old board; they were pioneers in JW discussion forums. And ultimatly we all want the same thing - to get the truth out about the 'truth'. Perhaps we could start a new topic over there: Is reform (of H2O) possible?! :-)


  • Duncan

    Hi Expat

    Interesting question. For me this year marks a kind of turning point in that it is now the case that I have spent more than 50% of my life OUT of the org.

    I was in from birth (good as) to 23 years old. Pioneer, MS, public talks , all that stuff.

    I have now been out for 23 years.

    (I'm sure my dear old mum still harbours hopes for me though)


  • ozziepost

    OK, so it was the subject title that made me look! But at least I admit it!!

    I was raised in "it", and stayed for 50 years, serving as an elder for 35 years, including congregation servant under the pre-elder arrangement.

    I remain in 'good standing', whatever that means, but have been inactive for 4 years when I also ceased to be an elder.

    Probably took a couple of years before I quit. It was the harsh actions of the elders and the politics involved both serving at Bethel and in the local congs that finished me, or made me see the real light.

    And ain't it good with the proper light on!



  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    I was raised as a witness. They called me the pioneer baby because both my parents were pioneers. After Mom had my first brother, she had to stop pioneering. Dad continues to pioneer to this day well over forty years. Mom is also pioneering again for about the past six years.
    I pioneered for over eight years regularly, auxiliaried regularly for many more.
    In June of 2000 da'ed myself. It was a long haul and very difficult to do, because I knew what the results with my family would be. But I have never regretted my decision. I hadn't been to the KH for about a year before I took official action.
    Since then my husband (Thinker) who has never been a witness has done tons of research on the Org. and I am continually amazed by all the discrepencies within their teachings. It also never ceases to amaze me that there are so many similiarities with people's treatment and the resulting feelings and emotions that they go through upon leaving or even just having doubts.

  • larc


    There is something you wrote that I don't understand. You said you were in for 50 years and served as an elder for 35 years. How could you be an elder at the age of 15? Is this a typo?

  • hippikon

    20 years (on and off)

    Larc I may be reading rong but ozzie didnt say he was 50 years old

  • Englishman

    I was baptised at 12 - at Yankee Stadium - left at 26. That was almost 29 years ago which makes me very, very old, in fact I`m almost as ancient as Farkel, but if you look in the pics you will see that I have less freckles.


  • logical

    I was never baptised, just a bible student, got dropped after questions they couldnt and wouldnt answer, they finally had enough of me.

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