Book success: "Wolves Among Sheep"

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    Greetings all:

    Its a pleasure to report on the success of the book, "Wolves Among Sheep" by former JW James Kostelniuk.
    For those who have not seen a review of the book, the true account of the cold-blooded murder of Kostelniuk's exwife and his two beautiful children, by her second husband, a JW, see Beacon website:

    The story, with editorial contribution by Jim Penton, was finally published by Harper-Collins in Canada this past year and it is now nominated for two literary awards: The Eileen McTavish First Book Award and the McNally Robinson Best Book of the Year award. Twelve awards in different categories will be handed out at The Forks in Winnipeg on April 28.

    Harper-Collins is preparing to promote "Wolves Among Sheep" in the US, UK and several European countries. A 10,000 run paper-back edition will be released in Canada in August. And now, the beginning of the development of a screenplay.

    "Wolves Among Sheep" may prove to be one of the most visible exposes at this time of potential tragedies that can result from Watchtower flawed policies and inept leadership, as well as a lesson in blind adherance to any extremist dogma.


  • Simon

    Great stuff ros

    I haven't read it yet but I bought someone a copy which I'll borrow back soon.

  • JAVA


    Thanks for the information. It's written up at

    Wolves Among Sheep
    The True Story of Murder in a Jehovah's Witness Community

    James Kostelniuk

    The crime was horrific: Juri Kostelniuk, aged 11 and Lindsay Kostelniuk, aged 8, along with their mother Kim, were murdered in 1985 in their Burnaby, B.C., apartment by Jeff Anderson, Kim’s estranged second husband.

    The story behind the crime is even more disturbing: this is an account of lives gripped by the unbending laws of Jehovah’s Witness, a religious organization that expels and then shuns those who do not comply with its rules.

    The identity of the chronicler is perhaps the most surprising: James Kostelniuk, Juri and Lindsay’s father and Kim’s ex-husband, tells his story as an expression of sorrow and love, and as a search for truth and understanding. Wolves Among Sheep is unlike any true crime account ever written. It is an uncompromisingly honest and compassionate story of a family tragedy; an insider’s look into a group few know a lot about; a riveting exploration of the mind of a killer; and above all, a portrait of steadfast faith and courage.

    “A compelling and heartbreaking read, the book makes complex connections between the author’s life, the murderer’s life, the lives of the victims, and the religion they all once shared.” —Quill & Quire

    “…a remarkable, gripping and deeply spiritual book.” —The Globe and Mail

    “…a meditation on faith and forgiveness—and on the limits of both.” —The Vancouver Sun

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    mm; isbn: 0006391079; canadian price: $9.99;
    Non-fiction/Crime; Available August 2001

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    Will any of the x-jw sites (like yours) offer this book?

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