YHWH Is haunting your dreams!

by Goldenash 0 Replies latest social humour

  • Goldenash

    There's a somewhat obscure series of video games called Nights Into Dreams, which tells the tale of a dream world constantly under the threat of an evil "god of nightmares" called Wizeman the Wicked.

    This guy here is the culprit. Kingly demeanor, no face, surrounded by fire, lightning, things with eyeballs that shouldn't have eyeballs, and a glowing aura of colorful light. Who in their right mind would serve a being like th--??

    --...Oh, umm.... Uh oh... (Just add those chariot wheels Ezekiel saw and you've got the eyeballs where there shouldn't be eyeballs...)

    Maybe the guys who came up with the Nights games are Ex-JWs! O.O

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