Justice in Historic Australian investigation says Jehovah's Witnesses child protection policies WORST

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  • scoobydont

    I am really grateful that I "stumbled" on this thread ! Thanks to the poster !!

    That Applewhite woman has no care or concern for the the victims of JW abuses. This is clearly manifested in her responses to questions posed to her from the 50-54 minute mark in the video.

    She sees her clients merely as "cash cows" and she contributes nothing to improving their child-protection measures. I suppose that is more than an oversight. I would say that is how she keeps herself relevant to her clients whom she has to return, now and then, to fix the same problem at different times, in different locations !But she gets her comeuppance in part 1 of the video, from 1:20:00 through to 1:23:56, when she is clobbered by the prosecution for messing about with a WTBS that she knows little or nothing about !

  • Vidiot

    scoobydont - "...She sees her clients merely as 'cash cows'..."

    Well, if the shoe fits... :smirk:

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