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  • bemused

    In the posts about the Australian Royal Commission there have been several references to discussions on jw-archive. I'd not heard of that site, so checked it out. It seems to be used by many active JWs - its Tumblr style archive is full of pictures of JWs doing their thing. However the discussions contain a lot of dissent, some apparently from active JWs.

    A brief exchange that caught my eye:

    Post: I'll let my friends know this site is apostate
    Response: Speaking the truth is NOT apostasy.

    Does anyone know the background to this web-site?
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    yea links please

  • username

    I think the OP is referring to this page on Facebook...could be wrong though.


  • username

    This is a typical comment over at JW-Archive.

    Kel Wallace I wish people would realize that We do NOT hide these awful people. However if someone is good at hiding who they really are how would the brothers know. There is always advice on protecting our children. It's parents who are mainly responsible for protecting and looking after children, and teaching how to avoid dangers out there. Don't let children wander off at assemblies because peados do see that as opportunity. Don't blame a whole organization or Jehovah for individuals who aren't playing by Jehovah's rules. Division among brothers is what satan wants

  • steve2

    Now if church members used the very same reasoning about abuse in their church as the Witness Kel Wallace uses, would JWs accept it as valid or in some way still impute bad intent to the religious leaders? Look at the negative way the Watchtower has commented over several decades on child sexual abuse occurring in the churches of Christendom. The blame is shafted through to the leaders.

    There's your answer.

  • bemused

    My OP was inspired by following this link that was provided by Mad Sweeney on a thread about the Australian Royal Commission.


    I was just intrigued to see that there seems to be at least some genuine discussion on what, as far as I can tell, is a site used by active, believing JWs. There's a fair bit of apostate name calling as well, of course.

  • jookbeard
    I've just joined up but it appears the thread on this has been pulled?
  • jookbeard
    I found it!
  • Pistoff
    Yeah, they pull any post that veers toward what is seen as 'apostate', including facts.

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