Will Australia force change in procedures

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  • poopie
    Sorry blondie but like the saying goes truth hurts sometimes.when Jesus told truth people wanted to kill him.Dont worry about my background just look at factsm warren buffet once said your not right or wrong just beacause others believe you you right or wrong based on fact.argue facts.
  • truthlover

    Its too bad there is not another way to get this information out to the RF.--. where they don't read anything but JW.org, they are happily content with the way the govt is handling the RC issues. Does anyone own a newspaper or would that be a privacy act thing in Canada? Just a big one pager stating Contis settlement, the hushed up payoffs prev to hers and what is coming down the pipe that wil have to be settled, In Canada, U S and Australia and Britain for starters.........

    It has to come out more boldly than it is now.


    blondie " You are what we call a shit-stirrer here, apropos considering your username." WTF are you ranting about ?? Your comments hardly made much sense either ! Are you now a self-assuming "heavy" on the forum because of your long-standing membership here ...or can we blame it on the blue Moon ?

    I did not see anything untoward with what the poster "poopie" said [btw I like that name!]

    Calm down ...breathe ! Don't forget the meds!

  • goingthruthemotions

    No....No changes will happen...the BORG would have to be humble and acknowledge there mistake to change. Sorry, no change coming.

    business has usual, keep everyone in cultmode.

  • Listener

    Blondie is far from a 'self-assuming heavy' on this forum. Her years on this forum and contributions has meant that many of us put her in high regard. She has spent thousands of hours assisting us with her research work and her educated evaluation of WTBTS material.

    The post doesn't make sense but I don't think she's addressing poopie but a poster by the name of apropos, but it's spelt wrong.

    To suggest she is on meds is a bit hard to swallow.

  • smiddy

    I think they may try to put a "spin" on their wording of points of contention.

    To give an example : Wasn`t it the Bulgarian ? Government that had objections to Jehovah`s Witnesses dis-fellow-shipping people who took a blood transfusion ? And refused to give them recognition ? because of that ?

    It was because of this policy the Govt.refused to recognize their religion

    What did the J.W.`s do .They said in effect ,we will no longer D.F. a J.W. because he/she takes a blood transfusion .

    It was touted in the world media that J.W.`s had changed their policy {false} not the case at all.

    The Government says , you have complied with our law , you now have state recognition of your religion.

    What the Bulgarian Govt. didn`t / doesn`t know is that J.W`s regard a person who goes against W.T.policies has in fact dis-associated themselves from the Christian Congregation of J.W.`s

    So in fact whether you were dis-fellow-shipped or dis-associated yourself the end result is the same , you are ostracized ,shunned ,cut-off from your witness family and friends in the organization , until such time as you repent of your action if ever.

    I do not know if the Bulgarian ? Govt.have ever been notified of this deception and if so what they have done about it .

    I know I would be pissed off.


  • Tornintwo

    I'm not sure why this thread got so argumentative so quickly, didn't see much to offend in the op....

    anyway, by the way WTs lawyer was conversing with the chair at the end of Friday's session whilst questioning Monica applewhite, it appeared they are ready to make some concessions, speaking of their policies evolving etc..

    I wonder if they will allow a mature sister to support the victim, allow testimony by recording or letter to work in line with what has been brought out about protecting the victim, and appease the state a little . But I can't see them changing the 2 witness rule because it is so fundamental to their judicial process.


    I too value Blondies track record here btw - So apologies if I altered the tenor of the thread ! And apologies to blondie !

    Now where were we.......................?

    One of the unknowns to us here on JWN right now is how far-reaching the news of and the proceedings of the ARC have gone thus-far. Borg does not like tarnish on its image - and also anything which could affect the intake of $$$$, which seems to be a vital area of Borgian focus at present.

    Whether any change will occur / or it will occur on a localised level remains to be seen. eg the change to donations for literature in my country occurred several years after it had changed in the US and only when the IRS started to apply some heat to the local Borg regarding it and the fact that Bethalite's are not unpaid volunteers as they claimed but are employees as defined in our labour laws-

  • jhine

    Blondie I was surprised by your attack on poopie .

    It does seem out of character especially as I could see nothing wrong with what poopie said . He wasn't attacking the ARC or the government but saying that they would not be impressed by the internal workings of any group that went against the law or indeed civilised standards of behaviour .

    I would like to comment on your sweeping statement about about all believers in any faith . Do you , Blondie , know all believers or indeed know everything about all faiths ? And there are more faith groups than just Catholics , who have in recent years cleaned up their act a lot .

    Blondie you have been a mainstay on this forum for many years , but you seem to be having a bad day .



  • blondie

    I apologize to poopie, but I think it is dangerous to assign motives to governments in general, the leaders maybe, or to assign motives to individuals except maybe yourself. Or predict the actions of such groups. In some ways some individuals have stepped out in religious groups regarding child abuse in their midst. Some admin people are finding it is so entrenched that no one person (even the pope) can undo the base overnight.

    Pedophiles are not a religious phenomenon, but can be found in schools, sports organizations, legal systems (judges, lawyers, law enforcement), schools, health clinics. 60% of pedophiles are family members, friends, neighbors maybe religious maybe not. If the goal is to fight pedophiles and protect children, even if the WTS disappeared today, there would be thousands more out there. So the laws have to be strengthened and enforced more.

    I do have strong feelings on this having fought the WTS in my family's case and in 2002 when things broke out with SNAP and the RC. I have worked hard to get the laws strengthened in my area taking to lawmakers. Progress has been made but the laws are different in each state (50 of them) in this US.

    I want things to get better for children everywhere. (2nd edit)

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