How hard is it to kill a Fortune 500 company?

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  • newguy

    hello all,

    It seems to be the dream of many here to put the WT corperation out of business. Well, I hate to throw a bucket of cold water called reality on your dreams, but it is not likely to happen anytime soon.

    The WT society has annual reveune of about $2.5 Billion. That figure was from recent disclosures they had to file as a not-for-profit company.(well after the worldwide donation arrangement started). Now, if that was treated as normal for-profit corperatation, they would be 536th largest company in the US in terms of annual revenue alone.

    But, since they don't pay any taxes on any of that, and have much lower expenses then normal companies, they probably are in better financial shape and could easily be considered a Fortune 500 or even Fortune 400 company. I wonder if Russell ever thought his creation would become one of the 500 largest companies in the US!

    Now, I would like a serious answer to this request. Can anyone in this forum cite an example where a Fortune 500 company went completely out of business due to a grass roots effort. I can think of examples where companies of similar size to the WT where attacked by much larger companies (Apple getting run into the ground by Microsoft), but even these attacks were not completely sucessful. At best you force a restructuring, but the money pot is still safe when the day is done. And that is all that really matters.

    And, you may use lawsuits in your example. However, that would work for the WT because it is damn near impossible to sue a religion in the US. (Ecclesiastical privilige lets you get away with, even child molestation if you play your legal cards right -- look at the Catholic churuch.) Disfellowshipping and blood are non-legal issues that no court in the US will not touch with a 10 ft pole.

    I eagerly anticipate your responses. I would like the name of the company and I'll even take examples concerning any company with at least $1 billion of revenue when it went out of business.

    I honestly don't expect many constructive responses, since none of you can think of any examples because there are NONE!


  • newguy


    I would really love if Simon Green himself could reply to this. As the creator of this forum, I wonder if he thinks he can take down the Tower with this forum.

    I hope Simon has the courage to answer this and isn't afraid of someone who doesn't bow down to his greatness and just blow them away when they happen to disagree with him like the might WT he derides does.


  • joelbear

    What an odd message. Is newguy proud of the Watchtower for their business success? I would agree that they are a business success. I certainly don't admire their business model.

    I have never picked up that the reason for this message board was to destroy the Watchtower. I see this board as a way to virtually reach out to others who want to rebuild their life outside of the Watchtower organization and share stories and encouragement.

    hugs to all

  • Prisca

    FYI newguy,

    Simon isn't the power mogul that you seem to think he is. He has set this up as a site for any Witness, current or ex, to associate and share thoughts and experiences. You have come to this forum recently, but for a long time there was only a handful of members. There were no grand schemes of grandeur here. Just a simple meeting place.

    I really think Simon would be totally embarrassed if someone bowed "down to his greatness", nor does he plan to "just blow them away when they happen to disagree with him like the might WT he derides does" - you really have no idea what Simon is like at all.

  • stephenw20

    Thanks for the stats, can we have the source so we may put it in our flyer to our neighbors?

    Sure they are big. How did they start sir?
    How did apple start?


    cant tell you if any billion dollar corp has got brought to its knees.......
    but that is irrelavent.

    if you think money is all that matters, I t would surpise me if you have children.

    no amount can make up for a child that is abused.........
    do you think the community local lawmakers and the US supreme court have no interest in public safety of children.

    nature and time proves one thing, NO ONE is untouchable.

    nice to see your comments

  • GinnyTosken


    Your style reminds me of someone I met in chat here last night, a guy named Lurkernomore. Surely you can't be the same person. He claimed to have a degree from an Ivy League college, and you have misspelled "corporation."

    Corporations are entitities designed to act legally as one individual. In thinking about them, it helps me to consider how I would treat a person who behaved as the corporation does.

    I would not kill a person who told me lies and tried to control me with coercive and manipulative tactics. I would not continue a relationship with this person. I would warn others who were considering a relationship with this person. I would also encourage the person to get psychological therapy.

    People have been writing to the WTS for years, trying to help it see the error of its ways. It does not appear to listen. Meanwhile it does harm to itself and others. If it were a person, it could be committed. As a corporation, the best we can hope for is that it will be legally straitjacketed to prevent further harm.

    Please do a search on the net for "grassroots efforts." I didn't find one with an intent to kill. Grassroots efforts usually promote change.

    If the WTS were killed, that would not solve the problem anyway. There are many organizations and causes that persuade in a coercive and manipulative way; the WTS is only one of many. A much better focus, in my opinion, is helping people to educate themselves in critical thinking skills. They will then be prepared to protect themselves from these dangers wherever they encounter them.


  • stephenw20


    excellent post....I like your calm and reason.....
    educating and warning the public should be the deal.....

    the public can decide for itself.

    the educating of the present witnesses who have doubts is also a primary tool.....dominos tend to fall, no matter how straight they stand, once there shaken.


  • Tina

    Hi Ginny,
    Simon is quite the gentleman and has provided a home for us here. I think it's out of love and kindeness for fellow humans,,,,newguy is lurker,,,,the spelling etc gives him away...and due to his continuing atrocious behavior to others, he lost his privilege. I applaud that decision. A time out can be beneficial . Hardly a coincidence I think,that 'lurker gets bumped'newguy appears and begins to attack and cast aspersions on SImon........just my thoughts,Tina

  • Prisca

    Ginny and Tina, you girls may be right. Who else would charge that Simon "blows them away" than lurker would? Simon hasn't had to do that much until today...

    Plus why would Simon be such an interest to an outsider?

  • TR

    Hi New Guy.

    Interesting topic indeed. But, like stephenw20 says, it's irrelevant.
    Sure I'd like to see the WTS go bankrupt. Over where I live, a small fanction of Aryans went bankrupt with one court case. The Aryans are no WTS, but if the court cases start piling up, and JW's keep leaving, this just might be the case for the WTS.

    My main concern is seeing people leave the WTS after finding out what a fraud they are, and protecting kids from abusers. I really don't care what happens to the WTS. Sure it would tickle me spitless to see them go down, but I know that's not going to happen in the near future, if at all.

    What the WTS produces has absolutely no commercial value on the open market to people besides JW's. So, without the brainwashing, they are useless as a fortune 500 co.


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