Do you feel vindicated by the exposure of the WT Society in Australia? It seems like a feeding frenzy on here! I love it. You?

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  • Bonsai
    The organization has problems because they are a fundamentalist, elitist, arrogant religion. I hope the events and testimonies of the last few days wake everyone up to make these wolves in sheep's skin render account for their negligence. The Royal Commission has only begun to scratch the surface of an emotional and psychologically twisted and manipulative cult. I will start feeling vindicated when the GB find their fat asses out on the street begging for food. Watching live has made me shake with rage. So. ****ing. Angry!!!
  • HeyThere

    I do not feel vindicated. When I first discovered the various cases involving jw child sex abuse I was appalled. I am glad this problem the wtbts has tried so hard to hide is being exposed. So in a way I am relieved...awareness of a problem is so important. I am also concerned...because there are and will Continue to be many jws who ignore these things and keep their heads happily burried...those who still think the kingdom hall, and the congregation members, are safe...those who will Continue to believe all negative reports are "apostate driven lies" and avoid the truth. Then I am sad for those whose world's will be turned upside down at the realization that this religion is absolutely not directed or chosen by God, those who realize their life was dedicated to a lie...and that's not an easy place to be.

    I hope many jws will pay attention, will see and acknowledge the very serious problems here, realize that all molesters are not disfellowshipped as they have been told, but may actually still be an active elder or even higher up the chain.

    I am also saddened because of the numbers. What has been reported is just from Australia, which has a very low witness population. So how many pedos are active in the congregations worldwide? It is mind boggling to me.

  • Nitty-Gritty

    @ smiddy

    The two witness rule is also in the Christian Greek scriptures: 1 Timothy 5:19, 2 Corinthians 13:1 and most importantly Matthew 18:16, uttered by Jesus himself.

    In any case, the two witness rule obviously has no baring on any secular authority from investigating, this is merely for the Christian congregation. There is nothing preventing reporting to the elders and the police at the same time.

  • punkofnice
    Are you pleased with the exposure of the Society in Australia?

    I'm more concerned for the victims getting something positive from this and of course the protection of potential future victims.

    Do you feel personally vindicated by it?


    Do you think it gives you credibility with others now that all the things you said were going on, actually are documented?

    Not really

    It has been incredible for me to be able to point to it and say, "Well, there ya go, all the letters and lies are there as I have been saying." Hopefully they will be sued by hundreds of victims for multi-millions to pay the for their abuse, that would be the sweetest result! Does this give you street "Cred"?

    No. No one is interested in the JWs. they are just a nothingy cult that most people ignore. The JWs won't talk to me so I have no idea what they are thinking. 'Worldly(tm)' people aren't interested anyway.

    I AM hoping for the WBT$ to be seriously damaged beyond repair by this though.

  • Sabin
    well I do believe you are getting gritty with nitty on this subject, I just want to say (to calm things down) nobody is saying that JWs as peops are bad. No there are some amazing JWs. For instance ME. HAHA! the problem here is the WTBTS, either they are Gods reps on earth or they are not. If they are then God by their standards is fine with turning a blind eye to child abusers. I don't happen to think he is. So the Q is nitty gritty do you think we should have greater affection for WTBTS then God. On the subject of scripture there was no need to have a law pertaining to child abuse because knowing Jehovahs views on other matters of a sexual nature there could have been no doubt in their minds what would have happened, I think stoning would have been a walk in the park.
  • 2+2=5
    You need to clean your face nitty gritty you have shit running out of your mouth and down your chin.
  • Sabin
    Nitty Gritty Shitty, are you a poet 2+2=5.
  • possum

    My husband hooked up the live streaming to telly so we watch with a measure of bemusement, sadness, anger, frustration and embarresment that we where ever associated with that absolutely godless cruel cult.

  • fukitol

    Nitty Gritty is a troll. The same info was posted on another thread by a different user name.

    Barbara Anderson's website has a link to an excellent article on which offers a full scriptural refutation of the Society's pharasaical two witness rule as applied to child abuse allegations.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    It seems like a feeding frenzy on here! I love it. You? - agreed, I absolutely love it.

    There's definitely something deliciously pleasurable about watching these useless assorted middle men - elders, COs, DOs, SOBs - squirm, um and ah, and generally be ripped to shreds by learned 'worldly' people.

    Of course, my first thought goes to the victims. I hope that they receive all the help they need, funded by the WTS, and go on to live happy, safe, successful lives.

    After that it's all about watching the incompetence and slipperiness of these hopeless cult members being exposed and recorded at the RC.

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