Every night they come home to roost

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  • nilfun

    (((Shera))) Thank you for your kind words...I really am not alone in this, am I?

  • shera

    No you are not crazy....talking to people helps you heal.

    I'm here

  • Sentinel


    Here you are, giving me hugs. Big (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) to you my dear. I would never judge you on the basis of your experiences. Why, just look at me? I was actually a good christian woman, who was thinking about murdering her husband. Some would think I was crazy. You know what? I think I was. I was crazy for staying in the borg, and with an abusive husband for as long as I did. Am I still crazy. NO! And neither are you!

    One thing that has changed since the 70's and 80's is the domestic laws. Now the authorities consider that type of abuse just as serious as any other. When I tried to get help from the brothers and the authorities, they pooh poohed me. When I came to Virginia from Maryland, to find some peace in my life, he called and threatened me. I had to get a restraining order--but they never actually did a thing about it. He came into Virginia with the loaded rifle in his vehicle. But, the powers that be, protected me and my son, and we escaped a potentially explosive situation. It gives me shivers to think about it. When he finally killed himself, and shot at another woman during the event, I went by the magistrates office here, and let him know that they had better take these threats seriously!! He was shocked.

  • nilfun
    Am I still crazy. NO! And neither are you!


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