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  • PopeOfEruke

    Your CO should be KILLED, EXECUTED, and DESTROYED, preferably in that order.


  • COMF

    Rick... are you Bibleman?

  • avishai

    Oh, man! Oh god, Umm wow, I 'm just laughing too damn hard right now to write. Damn, dude! Yup, that's what we do out here, lead people to lives of depravity! Oh, man, Rick, thank you somuch for the laugh, & reminding me of exactly what a self righteous prig I used to be. It's so humbling. I'm reminded of my uncle, who left the jw when he was 18, & everyone was so down on him for smoking alittle pot now & then. How evil he was. My big, wonderful firefighter/paramedic uncle,who's saved countless lives in 20 or so years of fighting fires & paramedic work, who sat & took care of his brother, my dad, while he died, his brother who allowed himself to be taken care of, but would'nt speak to his baby bro. He got looked down on by his elder dad, who wouldnt talk to him, until he, my grandpa, needed help because he had been indicted on several counts of fraudulently stealing the life savings of elderly people. Who stopped talking to him again after he was re-instated in prison. Yeah, we have SO much time on our hands to corrupt others. We often do the job on ourselves well enough due to having our self esteem & self worth destroyed by shunning. How many lives have you saved? How many times have you truly followed the parable of the good samaritan? See, the samaritans were an offshoot of judaism, apostates if you will.But, I forgot, you save lives w/ magazines, not in actuality like jesus said. Did the bethelites really close their windows & keep on working on sept. 11th? When all the refugees were running across the brooklyn bridge? Get off your self righteous ass & go to a cancer ward & volunteer, go deal w/ the mentally handicapped, go REALLY help others for awhile, then come back. I can't be too angry at you Rick, once upon a time, I was you.

  • riz

    wow. great post, avishai! and welcome to the board, by the way.

    and rick, what can i say. whatever helps you sleep at night, man. although i can't imagine how you would actually get any sleep after reading that post of yours.

  • pseudoxristos

    Wow, I'm so ashamed! I didn't realize how immoral I've become. That does it, I believe in God. Where's the collection box?


  • Farkel

    : One of my nieghbors told me a few days ago that i have no bad habits. Go figure, eh.

    Nothing to figure. You've got problem and need to correct it. Kicking a sleeping dog is a good place to start. Dropping a baby on the floor is another. Someone with NO bad habits ain't right. You need to heal your sickness somehow. And soon.


  • Satanus

    Thanks for the encouragement, fark god. I must be short on bad association. I'm resolved now, to put in an real earnest effort, a striving after the prize, so to speak. It's time for salvia divinorum.


  • SYN


    OK, there are two options here. First, your post was either subtle satire, or outright blindness, one of the two. Having read some of your other posts and enjoyed them, I hesitate to go with the latter, preferring the former.

    Assuming you are of the former orientation, let me just say, whenever I deride the OT for it's CRUEL Ghod, I am doing so with a sense or irony, for I am deriding an entity which no-one can prove exists.

    So there.

  • Inquiry

    Rick.... You said.... "The CO, knowing I have a computer, said that if I venture "out there" into discussion areas, I might recognize these kind of people on the Internet in their posts"

    Not only did this CO give you permission to do what the Borg doesn't want any R&F witness to do, but he also showed that he does it too. So much for "mother's" good advice eh? Tch, tch... hypocrisy goes unnoticed by the unwary yet again.... what a surprise....(sarcasm intended)

    I remember that arrogance-rich minefield of judgment and contempt I had for my fellow man too.... I was a JW, just like you....the loop in my thinking was closed. In that mindset, which you clearly have, you feel righteous, you practice contempt for your fellow man, you don't love them. The two are not the same...

    If you believe in Jesus, he said LOVE your enemies.... (I can clearly see what side of that fence you stand on).... now if the sacrifice was about showing mankind love and mercy....and you honour the sacrifice, where is your love and mercy? Isn't that what it's all about anyways?... Isn't that what God's doing.... Desiring the survival of all? Or don't you appreciate what your supposed to consider the gift of faith and forgiveness that you think has been given to you? Is your ministry a ministry of hate? you can't do both... on the one hand.... love only JW's and hate your fellow man... what does that get you? Paul said you could perform all the works of the spirit, but if you didn't have love, it was for nothing.... See, it's so easy, too easy, to point your big stinky finger in someone else's face and say, God's going to kill you and save me....I'm chosen, I'm special and I have the right... because some organisation tells me I do.....that's child's's not mature, nor is it right. What's harder to do, and necessary in this case, is to examine yourself, even in the face of conflict and find love for your fellow man, even if you disagree with him....that's the struggle... In this case, you do what you are taught... seperate from the message in the scriptures.... you live contempt. Juxtaposed to your position, Jesus taught people to love one another, to sacrifice for each other, to pray even for their enemies.... he didn't say you judge them, find them wanting and persecute them.... tell them God's going to kill them.... But those are the works that you and your ill-informed ilk are doing..... taunting men with death by God.... how childish, ......judging them, showing blatant contempt for immature. I don't like you so God's going to kill you. Like Jesus? no, but rather like the pharisees and saducees of the time.... haughty, arrogantly superior, and seriously mistaken.

    Do you really feel chosen? Do you really feel so superior to your fellow man that you somehow, by some special magical or mystical right have the right to judge, call people names, call for people's destruction? Then, I say to you, you think too much of yourself, .... your a legend in your own mind... and Christianity, or any form of faith in your hands is a toy you play with... such is the quality of your faith....

    All of the "biblical" examples of holy men did exactly the opposite... they really and intentionally wanted people to survive...all that could.... Abraham, Moses, Jesus... all worked diligently to secure the safety of what the religious leaders of that time thought were the least significant, least righteous people on the face of the earth.... so what special knowledge do you have apart from that... are you convinced of your stand or are you arrogant and presumptuous....?

    Your actions already clearly indicate a seperation from doing "what you know is right" to "doing what you want even though you think it's not right". Now, did you tell that CO that you do post on JWD.... or did you hide that fact? My guess is, you hid it... your actually ashamed to admit to your contemporaries that you do post here... you live in fear of them finding out.... you play games with your own conscience... and you expect people here, not to notice... see pal... most of us have been where you are already... and then, you have the nerve, to sit in judgement of others.... Judge not lest you be judged... see, if you judge us by a standard, you better be living by that standard... your effort has only succeeded in you judging yourself... publicly... by your own actions and words, you are fit for destruction.... most of us here have gotten over our own self importance and that grand pretentious ingnorance that belongs only to the blind following the blind... we're not playing games with our consciences anymore... where does that leave you?

    You've also shown yourself to be very naive spiritually... and your in the wrong place mister, to be playing your children's games in this very adult place... if you fear God, like you say you do... then you should be doing what you know is right... if you and your kind really feared Armaggedon, then you would hide behind Jehovah's skirts ... cowering in fear of his actions... or don't you understand what Armaggedon is supposed to be? You shouldn't be ignorantly using God as a weapon at your own disposal... just cause you feel like it... honestly, do you think God appreciates or needs that sort of effort? It's a laughable thought, if you thought didn't though, did you? Most JW"s don't think... they act, react. I know, I used to be one...

    You're a child, wearing last year's spiderman underwear, and it's way too tight....


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  • DannyBear


    That was it. That is exactly the mindset of jw's like Rick. They go to a meeting, and when a particularly bombastic CO or DO (who have least in the minds of the sheep, to do so) they puff up with superiority and self-righteous indignation, for anyone not cowing to 'discipline' from Jah.

    This post of Rick's should be published in every 'cult' fighter's manual. It reeks of all that is so wrong with religious fanaticisim.

    Rick you have performed a service, even if your intentions were far removed from reality.


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