Diet Bias: Evolution vs. Creation

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  • IronGland

    Frank, what scientists?

  • NameWithheld

    mmmmmmmm big juicy steak <licks lips>

  • Realist


    LOL nice try!

    i would say it depends on how the animals are kept and then killed. if they are killed without much suffering then it gets hard to argue against eating meat.

  • LucidSky

    Excellent thread.

    If cows suddenly became intelligent would we have to stop eating them?
    One reason we don't hunt other humans (for the most part) is that they are smart enough to have the capacity for revenge.
    Apparently stupidity is a prerequisite for food.
    I sometimes wonder as I'm eating my burger how an alien species would view us.

  • patio34

    Lucid Sky,

    Those are such good points! After all where do humans draw the line? Chimpanzees are over 98% the same genetically as humans. Why are humans so sacred? I think you're right--they don't tolerate it without taking revenge!

    It would be a great cause for terror if aliens viewed us the way we view lower forms of life. Shudder. . . You look too young, but there was an old Twilight Zone show that was about an alien book called How to Serve Man. Humans thought it was great that the aliens wanted to be servants, but learned it was a cook book!


  • jgnat

    Thank you, patio. I agree the bible does allow for looking at both sides of the issue. That is one scripture I would look at with less than a jaded eye.

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