Population explosion will the governments step in?

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  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire

    As we develop more and more advances in the medical field more people are having their lives saved.

    We have vaccines, antibiotics, surgery, and many other procedures that have saved millions of lives. Mans average life span is increasing. All these things are good.

    This has also been responsible for the population explosion. Contrary to WT propaganda less people are dying (percentage wise) from sickness (prematurely), war, famine, and perhaps even crime since 1914 than before.

    At present our population doubles every 35 years. This type of growth can have catastrophic impact on our Earths ecosystem if not brought under control soon.

    Lets say for instance if this 35-year population doubling was to have its start with the creation of Adam and Eve what would this mean mathematically?(I personally don't beleive A&E were the first humans, but I will use it to demostate a point).


    A&E(2)(4)(8)(16)(32)(64) so in just 5, 35 year periods or 175 years the population is 64. Use a simple calculator and press 2 and raise it to the power of 5 you get 64 so it is a simple calculation to do on your calculator.

    Now lets use our calculator have a little eye opening fun.

    Raise 2 to the power of 40 and we have a number over a 1 trillion. 40 x 35 = 1400. So in just 1400 years from Adam and Eve if the currant 35 year doubling prevailed the population would be over 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion).

    What would 6000 of this type of doubling amount to well that would be more than 2 to the 171 power or 1,993,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

    My point is that as man continues to develop cures for illnesses we will be forced to control the amount of children that can be born. Sooner or latter this will have to happen.

  • LB

    Well population control is going to happen one way or the other isn't it? Trouble is that most governments aren't going to do anything about it.

    Most likely starvation will control the population, mabye all the way back to a total population of adam and eve. Or less.

    If we don't explore space, we're toast.

  • Grunt

    Population control in western countries is not a problem, just the opposite. Population control in the third world countries is the problem. As any disease can ravage both sectors at any time, whether an introduced plauge like smallpox or naturally occuring ones like the AIDS epidemic, I don't think the earth will ever be overpopulated. Harsh facts indicate a generation has been lost in Africa. It is reported that many of our antibiotics are losing their punch. I don't worry about overpopulation as much as I do the massive loss of life that could happen here and is already happening in some parts of the world.


  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire

    Hi LB,

    Well population control is going to happen one way or the other isn't it? Trouble is that most governments aren't going to do anything about it.

    I think soon the governments will be force to do the unpopular and mandate some kind of control or else expect terrible calamity as you say "one way or another".


    I think thats soon if we don't do something about this that serious consequences will be experienced.

  • kelsey007

    Teh government is stepping in. It is called war and it will destroy many.

  • Satanus

    In china, the govt already has. Western govts use more persausive, less coersive methods. It's called television and media. Also education of women naturally reduces population growth. What smart woman wants or needs a dozen ankle biters? In times past, children were needed as workers/helpers. Not any more.

    A scientific study done on this, was published in the new scientist mag. A part of it focused on italy. It predicts a population reduction, maybe a crash. It turns out that, italian women are basically going on strike because they want men to shoulder a lot more of the child rearing tasks. It's in the july 20, 2002, pg 38 issue. I can't get on their sire now, otherwise i would post the whole article. Maybe later.


  • logical

    Unfortunately, Kelsey is correct. War will sort out the population problem, and it is one reason why world war 3 will happen. Its disgusting to think that elite men think they have the right to do this while sitting in their underground bunkers safe from attack.

  • metatron

    Aside from China, no.

    Don't let Watchtower propaganda fool you. Many European
    governments are concerned about a lack of births - like France.
    The Danes may disappear as a people in 30 years.
    Eastern Europe is headed in the same direction.
    African population growth is being rapdly trimmed by AIDS,
    war, and famine. If we live long enough, I think Africa
    will be available for recolonization in this century.


  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire

    Here's an interesting report from USA Today about the population problem.


    It makes the point of where the currant increase is comming from and what is being done to rain in the rate to a less threatening figure.

    I think some day the UN will figure very prominently in the solution to this problem, for if nothing is done I see serious problems ahead for the laws of nature will bring an end to problem just as it has in the past to any speices that was over populated.

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