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  • bay64me

    Well for the second time in one week, I happened to bump into another member of my old congregation. (Wondering what I have done to deserve this?)

    So we chat cautiously at first, then she mentions that an elderly gentleman in the same cong is very frail and needs someone to look after him. So I ask "well can't Jane?" (name change to protect identity),Jane by the way is the elderly mans' only daughter who also happens to be the longest serving pioneer ever! "Oh no" was the reply, "they are putting him in a home"

    I was totally outraged at the matter-of-fact way that those words rolled off her tongue. I struggled with all that I had within me to refrain from swearing, but I got so angry. This must have been apparent despite my attempts to contain it, as she asked me what was wrong.

    "What is wrong?" "she is prepared to go around knocking on the doors of empty houses while her father gets PUT IN A HOME?"

    This 'sister' does not work, has no children, husband an elder with half decent job, WHAT IS HER PROBLEM?

    The reply I was given made me sick. "We all have our own lives to get on with you know, anyway the house isn't big enough blah, blah, blah.

    And then I remembered, there was no point in continuing the conversation any longer. I was being spoken to by one of jehovahs witnesses....and they are never wrong.

    I cut the whole thing short, seething inside and feeling disgusted that I am in some way associated with that breed.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    I wouldn't say this is a problem unique to JWs and in this case you're generalizing with a very broad brush, there are a whole lot of people that do this kind of thing.

  • WildHorses

    Couldn't she get help for in home care? My mother took care of her father after my grandmother passed. Us kids helped when we could to give mom a break now and then.

    I promised my mom that I would take care of her. She said she knew I would because I had been telling her so since I was a small child. I couldn't stand to see my mother in a home. My first job was in a nursing home and many of the nursing assistants do not care for the elderly as they should. There have been a few who have even abused the elderly.

    If at all possible, please everyone, do not put your folks in a home.

  • bay64me

    Pork chop

    Ok, maby it's not a problem pertinent to jws alone. That is not my point. It's the attitude they have and one track mind and unreasonableness that stinks.

  • Rogue_Protecter

    All that preaching of Love .The Bible tells us to take care of our folks in the elder years but its so convenant to overlook that.

    It makes me sick because my Brother used that same line when he screwed my Dad over.The Elders told him he needs to worry bout his wife and there spirituality so he should quite working for my Dad (who is inactive but thinks the Borg is the truth).So my Dad who has had quad bypass,diabetes,almost blind,High BP you name it is supposed to do this phisycal job himself.My brother and sister were doing the work he just managed the company gave him something to do.My dad even gave them there own company credit cards.Bro runs up a bill for $10,000.00 on his card working on his in laws house and his cars and stiffs my dad.The elders think its fine..especailly since the elders all needed help and told him to work for them and he did..


    (the pissed off class )

  • shera

    I had an Uncle who abused in a home.He has a stroke and he refused therapy

    This man could barley move a limb just one arm that was bent in towards his chest.This woman was hitting my uncle,because he would get cranky and slap her away.

    I hope when my mother gets older and step father,I can help them and take care of them.There is no way,I'm going to have someone treating my parents like crap.I'll do the best I can for my mother.She is a sweet woman who deserves it.You would all love my mom.. and step dad.

  • Rogue_Protecter

    Porkchop,, I wouldnt say its unigue to JW's either..But how much they preach of love and taken care of each other is what makes it so amazing to me.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Sorry, you have to demonstrate that this practice is endemic among JWs, you haven't done that. This is just the usual negative cant. A waste of time while someone engages in the usual self-indulgent "venting." Boring

  • Rogue_Protecter

    Porkchop..If its just such a waste of time and boring then why are ya reading it and responding to it??? In case you havent realized it this is a discussion board and sometimes people like to vent to others that have seen the same thing..You havents so good for you happy for ya..Most of us are XJW's so yea for the most part its gonna be negative wouldn't ya say?

  • Monster
    Couldn't she get help for in home care? Lilacs

    Well with so many of you bring out the fact that jws are only working at low paying jobs it's going to take some money to pay for in home care.

    they have and one track mind and unreasonableness that stinks. bay64me

    What's so unreasonable about it? if he can't take care of himself and she's out pioneering anything could happen to him in that home.

    I agree with you porkchop,it doesn't make it any worse if a Jw do it. If my dad should ever come to the time in his life when he would need me to change his "depends" he's going on a home. There's no way I want to take all my dad's dignity from him. I'll go there everynight and check on him make sure he's alright and has company but I wouldn't take on the responsibility of washing and changing him. Have a friend in a wheel chair he can't stand the fact that he had to go through that (his mother was cleaning him) he was humiliated from the whole experience.

    Peace James.

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