The weirdness of posting here

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  • waiting

    Hey, Katchoo!

    It's really weird being in the basement area. Kinda like hiding out from the group......

    Be aware, as I learned, that if we speak here, anybody on the web can read what we say.

    I did not suspect it was an orgy until three days later. SJ Perelman

    Just to get your attention?

  • waiting

    Well, for pete's sake, I'm not the only one weird on this forum. Really, I'm not......

    I just wanted to pass on this experience. Sometimes I post on H20, particularily about incest & sexual abuse. Another poster knew of a woman who had very similar background and problems. He got the two of us together through ICQ. She is not a JW.

    Low and behold, this other woman also has mpd or did (whatever.....)and we've been discussing our "slight" case of this disorder. Kinda like saying you just have the sniffles when others look at you like you have the plague.

    My point in bringing this up is that there are a lot of us, whether we know it or not, who are victims. Or we know, or suspect victims/abusers. The more we talk openly about it, the more chance we can help a child not become a victim. Because we learn identifying traits of abusers and victims. And that is the whole point.

    We survivors are already victims - perhaps by learning about what makes abusers tick, we can prevent our child, neighbor's child, etc. from being the abuser's next victim.

    By the way, by all standards, my dad was a good neighbor, and very ordinary. Lived in the same house for 20 years, drank beer with the guys, etc. He was also raping their children.

    Good Neighbor Sam, huh? That is why it's necessary to talk. We all have family and neighbors.

  • Zep

    Weird is normal.Eccentricity is normal.If you think Weird is Abnormal, then your've just watched too much TV!

  • SolidSender


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  • RedhorseWoman

    waiting, I'm glad you're getting benefit by posting. I know that it helps me, also. It's kind of similar to when I went to therapy, feeling that I must be totally insane. Just hearing that others felt as I did helped a lot.

    Sharing experiences is definitely a way to heal. This is one reason why I could never understand shunning. JW's are cut off from society as it is. If someone has a problem, they are then cut off from the only association they have been taught is acceptable.

    It's difficult to get out of that kind of trap. Boards such as this can do much to help people realize that they are not so different from everyone else.

  • waiting

    Hey RedHorse,

    I have met another DID (mpd) person through ICQ, but she's not near as talkative as me - go figure.

    I also join in sometimes on h20, particularily on the subject of incest, etc. You're right, it does help to talk, see your thoughts in words, and to see other people's thoughts.

    Have you ever noticed that you can spot, most of the time by their wording or phrases, a long time JW, short time JW, elder, etc? May take a while, but the attitude and wording comes through.

    Same with incest and disorders. I'm only familiar with my own - and I'm not like most of them (I'm sane - really I am), but I can tell at least an amateur impersonator. You see in on h2o sometimes. I don't think I could ever spot a good impersonator.

    Do you know what I find quite interesting? I have different personalities, in a limited degree. I find it somewhat offensive, but necessary to use a name like "waiting" here. But at least I use only one.

    My son, who does not have any personal disorder, except marginal intellligence, IMO, finds it fun to have 3/4 names on the web - and tries to match his personality and writings to match.

    I, who actually have that ability/abnormality, find that quite distasteful. I told him so and he said, "what's your point?" So much for mothering......


  • RedhorseWoman

    Only three or four names? My daughter must have at least 15. This makes it rather hard for me to contact her with IM....I never know what persona has logged in that night.

    Have you ever noticed that you can spot, most of the time by their wording or phrases, a long time JW, short time JW, elder, etc? May take a while, but the attitude and wording comes through.

    I have definitely noticed this. Although some JW's would say that this sameness denotes unity (and I used to think this myself), I now feel that it reflects the cultlike nature of the religion.

    I have noticed it in myself, also. There are certain catch phrases and words that are instantly identifiable. It's actually kind of creepy.

  • Seven

    Rhw and waiting, This board helps me more than therapy ever did. Now if I could just learn to open up but I don't think that's ever going to happen. I don't know what I'm afraid of. There's been several times when I've come close to really talking about painful experiences but then I usually run and hide in the art or music forums where I don't have to think about it. I just want to say that reading your posts here have helped me
    deal with the isolation I feel. Someday I may stop believing that this is all my fault and that I'll be killed at Armageddon.

  • waiting

    Well, honey,

    We'll all be there with you for company.......

    On a more upscale note, every person who has ever lived has known they were going to die - unless they were part of the "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" group. And the vast majority of them are dead now.

    So what does that show us? Like taxes, death is assured.

    My e-mail and ICQ number are available if you ever want to just chat. I have chatted with several guys until I tell them I have children older than they are. Usually works well to end conversations.

    I was getting out of my car and I kinda moaned (tired) and this (around 30ish) guy looked over at me some time ago. I laughed that I was getting old. He looked at me again and said I didn't look that old. I asked his age, he told me, I said I had kids as old as him - and then the twerp said, "Could have fooled me - guess you are that old." Slightly backhanded complement?

    'ol waiting

  • Seven

    Thanks waiting-I'll have to ICQ ya sometime. I use
    my real name, I'll have to register an alias. I got a chuckle out of your son and Red's daughter using all those different names.LOL I'd forget who
    I was-far too confusing. You're not old! Those young guys couldn't handle it. Tell them to eat their hearts out.

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