Watchtower Quotes about PSYCHIATRISTS

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  • wednesday

    well i don't know what is actually written, but as late as the mid 90's i was advised that seeking psychology help was just helping" them." They told me the doc had a 'gravey train'.We had a psychologist in grapevine tx that was treating JWS almost exculsively. It got around the WTS was endorsing him. JWS were coming from other states with MPD and other emotional problems. There were groups held at the hospital. they held WT studies there. It was doomed b/c u cannot heal if u are afraid of your doctor or your doc is being told what to do by others. (although that is almost what has happened with managed care anyhow.sigh)

    The elders just have to control everything.

  • DanTheMan
    The quotes showed are pretty old. What proof is there that this is the current view?

    They don't hammer psychiatry the way they used to, it gets them into too much trouble. But you know how JW culture is - "You have the TRUTH! What else could you need? Jehovah's people are the happiest people in the world! You'd be happier if you prayed more and got out in service more!" Never once did the elders suggest counseling to me, and it should have been clear to any halfway observant person that I desperately needed it.

    And of course, they are always poisoning the well by quoting the scriptures about the 'wisdom of the world' and 'the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one'. "How could a worldly psychiatrist who doesn't have the TRUTH be of any help to a JW?" - I think this is the attitude of many JW elders, CO's, Bethel Heavies, etc.

    I don't know about JW shrinks, that is too weird for me to try to get a handle on.

  • teenyuck
    According to Freud, one of psychiatry's chief authorities, religion is a great illusion that man will get rid of someday.

    I am starting to like Freud. He gets my vote.....

    gkk, the last Watchtower is from 1990. Not too long ago.

  • gcc2k

    In other words, no one knows if the professed view is still current or not, and nothing in the literature in the last 13 years has been written to discourage a JW from seeking mental health treatment. Correct?

    Like it or not, WT doctrines and opinions change, and if you're going to sit here and criticize them, make sure you have the latest information to critique, otherwise there really is no point. I could sit here and harp on JWs for saying that aluminum foil is dangerous, but we all know that is not the current view.

  • hawkaw

    Oh ... how I wish Charles Marks would have used stuff like in September, 2002 at 361 University Ave. in Toronto, Ontario.


  • gcc2k

    As they say in Canada, eh? Didn't follow that.

  • gcc2k

    I think I'm changing my name to "thread killer" because every time I post the threads seem to die. :)

  • Pistoff

    How is this for you?

    In the WT Jan 15, 2003:

    Faith strengthens the Depressed

    God's word also shows that even those who exercise faith may become victims of depression. During his severe test, Job felt that God had abandoned him. (Job 19:2-5) The devastated state of Jerusalem and its walls made Nehemiah gloomy. (Neh. 2:1-3) So devastated was Peter after denying Jesus that he "wept bitterly". (Luke 22:62) And Paul urged fellow believers in the congregation in Thessalonica to "speak consolingly to the depressed souls." (1 Thess 5:14) Therefore, depression on the part of those exercising faith today is not without parallel. What, then, can we do to cope with depression?

    We may be depressed because we are facing several serious problems. Instead of viewing them as one major plight, we may be able to resolve them one at a time by applying Bible principles. This may help to lessen our depression. Balanced activity and adequate rest may also be helpful. One thing is sure: Faith in God and his word promotes spiritual well-being because it strengthens our convicition that he really cares about us.

    Peter give this comforting assurance: "Humble yourselves.....under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time; while you throw all your anxiety upon him, because he cares for you." (1 Peter 5:6,7) The psalmist sang: "Jehovah is giving support to all who are failing, and is raising up all who are bowed down." (Psalm 145:14) We should believe these assurances, for they are found in God's Word. While depression may persist, how faith strengthening it is to know that we can cast all our anxiety upon our heavenly father!

    (that is the end of the subheading about depression; the next one, Faith and Other Trials, discusses tests of our faith when we or our loved ones suffer SERIOUS ILLNESS.)

    THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME BOILING MAD AT THE WT. They will not come out and honestly say that depression is not a serious medical issue; they infer that if you get your rest, divide your problems and just BELIEVE that God cares for you, you can get through it.

    And then the very next subheading discusses SERIOUS illness. I guess I would say that depression, even when it does not lead to suicide, is a very serious illness and treatable with medication.

    The society, though, as usual, speaks out of both sides of it's mouth. It pays lip service to depression by mentioning how some get medical help (on the back page of WT 3/1/03), but then implies that many feel better just when they get more spiritually minded and make more meetings. One sentence mentions it; it does not encourage medical help, or plead with depressed ones to get help, or help them to see that it is no shame to get medical help; it just mentions it. One sentence. The rest of the page, three long paragraphs, is the experience of a beautiful young woman holding the NWT who prayed that God would end her life; no suicide attempt here, just sick of living. Then she reads the 2002 YB and says it encouraged her tremendously.

    I see this as misdirection; it brings up depression, mentions that SOME get help from medical treatment to "alleviate the suffering" and then goes on to give this very unusual experience with depression. People that I know of who have depression would be happy if that were the end of it; most I know have tried EVERYTHING to feel better, and laugh at this simplistic view: JUST READ OUR PUBLICATIONS and you will feel better!!!!

    SO, there is your current view of depression anyway from the brilliant minds from Brooklyn.

    I really abhor these guys; it's okay, though, because they have told me it's OK to hate WHAT IS BAD.

  • Pistoff

    gcc2k wrote:

    Like it or not, WT doctrines and opinions change, and if you're going to sit here and criticize them, make sure you have the latest information to critique, otherwise there really is no point. I could sit here and harp on JWs for saying that aluminum foil is dangerous, but we all know that is not the current view.

    Here is the problem, gcc2k:

    Elders, CO's, DO's and older members upline have internalized that information from years past; they see the mentioning of therapy and so forth as possibly a concession; some plain just don't believe it.

    I have a son who has depression, he went to them with some OLD behavior, twice and they df'd him. I asked them if they knew he suffered from depression; they said that he mentioned it but that he himself said that he feels better when he is at the meetings.

    Do you get the picture? They don't understand depression. He has burned himself and attempted suicide, all while an active witness. They want to treat that by meeting attendance?

    I myself can remember when I read that article about going to psychiatrists; it is an admission of failure. Do you think that a witness who believed that will all of a sudden feel good about going to a "shrink" when it has been ridiculed for 50 years by "God's channel of communication"?

    Those ideas may be out of print technically, but the remnants survive in the minds of the elders and old timers.

    (PS: In the 70's, many decades after the aluminum foil follies, I knew a sister whose husband died, maybe 1972. She felt that he got cancer and died due to her having cooked with aluminum.)

  • gcc2k

    Thanks for the reference. I'll try to find the complete article so I can read it in context, and let you know what I think.

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