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  • Mr Angry
    Mr Angry

    Hi to all again.

    About a year before I packed it in back in late '90 the WTS reprinted (in English in the UK) the WT bound volumes from 1960 - 1979.

    In view of the (even then) dodgy information (e.g. the 1975 issue in the 1968 bound volume) I wondered why they did this.

    OK so the internet wasn't around but I would have thought that the last thing the WTS would do was draw attention to issues they would rather forget. Particularly to those who came in post '75.

    At the time those of us who did not own these volumes jumped excitedly at the chance of owing these hitherto out of print books. But in the light of the thread relating to burning / destroying or keeping old WTS literature to embarrass the dubs, I am curious why the org would take a backward step like this even some 10-12 years ago.

    Did this happen in the States / Canada / Australia or indeed anywhere else? Any ideas?

    (Not from H20)

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    have you conducted a word for word comparison between the originals and the reprints yet?


  • ozziepost

    Yes, Rick, the big brown books arrived here by the truckload. Public speakers gleefully took them on to the speakers stand whenever they gave a talk. I saw one elder have a pile of them on the speakers stand during his Public Talk. Didn't make it any better though!



  • RR

    Yes it happened in the states also, and I know that the Society thens to make chnages in the bound volume editions, pictures, and words. Also on their CD ROM, they do not include everything for 5the years they claim!

    Then again, being that they print these issues by the millions, I wouldn't be surprised if they had a large inventory and decided to bind them and unload them to the masses.

    I know that the Society did this with C.T. Russell's 'Studies in the Scriptures'the last edition was published in 1927, despite the fact they the Judge had already reorganized the Society, and the books no longer reflected what the WSociety taught and believed, they still sold them, as late as the 1930s, after they took the name Jehovah's WItnesses, in fact they even sold the books in the 60s and late 70s, as I have costlist for those years that show the books available.

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  • Englishman

    Mr. Angry,

    Tell me please, are you the Mister Angry from "Steve Wright in the afternoon" on Radio 2?

    And, if you are, whatever hapenned to John Bold and Linda Lust?


  • Simon

    I have this image of hundreds of Americans sat at their PCs mouthing 'who?'. I remember Mr Angry... and I'D LIKE TO COMPLAIN...

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    Here in the Great Southern Ocean we've never heard of Mr Angry. Who is he?

    Ozzie (of the enquirers class)

  • waiting
    I have this image of hundreds of Americans sat at their PCs mouthing 'who?'.

    Got that right!

    You cannot hope to bribe or twist, thank God, the British journalist, but seeing what the man will do unbribed, there's no occasion to. Humbert Wolfe

    I would assume this quote would apply to your tv programs also.


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